Windows Power Agent Introduces Network Traffic Collection

Sightline Systems is pleased to announce the release of the Sightline Power Agent for Microsoft® Windows 2008 and Windows 2012 Systems. This release, version, includes exciting new features as well as stability updates.

New Features

New Network Traffic Metric Group
The Network Traffic group is included in the standard metric package, and contains three event classes. A new COMPUTE section has also been added to the agent.xml configuration file to remove entries from the Event list when the values are less than 1 Kbyte/sec.

xInclude Functionality
The XML support library has been updated to support ‘xInclude’ functions.

Updates and Changes
Updates to the new Power Agent for Windows Systems include the following:

  • The IISLog-Transaction Time units has been changed from milliseconds to seconds to prevent overflowing the counter.
  • Hyper-V metric names have been modified to allow greater room for subscripts, which represent the name of the guests.
  • The SNMP API GetBulk() call has been made optional, because it can break when used against some devices.
  • The “Target” column in the IIS Logfile event data has been moved to the far right, allowing it to expand to display the full value of the data.
  • The IIS Interface Agent has been modified to force IIS to flush HTTP log files every collection interval, to prevent collection inconsistencies.

Read the Release Notes Here