White Paper: How to Arm Yourself with Data Intelligence

Smart Factories and Industry 4.0 technologies are the new normal in today’s manufacturing environments. Unfortunately, the increase in IoT-enabled technologies also means an increased risk of cyberattacks. Each new connection is a new point of access for attackers. With attacks on OT increasing and the overall cost for a single attack reaching upwards of $4 million, IoT security should be a priority for smart manufacturers.

In this white paper, Sightline Systems provides an in-depth analysis of:

  • The different types of cyber attacks that are prevalent in manufacturing environments
  • The anatomy of a cyber attack broken down into six main phases
  • How to protect your OT from attack
  • How to prevent attacks at every stage

Download this white paper now to learn how to prepare your organization for inevitable cyber threats, how you can prevent attackers from impacting operations and critical infrastructure, and how partnering with Sightline Systems can help simplify the journey.

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