What EDM can do for you

We wanted to give you an overview of the features you’ll see in EDM — a couple of old favorites and some new additions: views, ACLs, vCenter monitoring, Alert Status, Utilization and capacity reports and forecasting.

The Alert Status Display

New in EDM 4.0, the Alert Status view allows you to visually represent all defined alerts on the connections tab.

When you select Alert Status for your Connections display, all defined alerts per connection are shown.

Utilization reports

This overview is based on the four basic resources: CPU, memory, disk and network. From the initial utilization report, see a list of systems based on their utilization status; for example, you can display a list of systems where memory was being over-utilized or CPU is under-utilized. Or display a chart showing all the details for a specific system.

ForSight and Forecast Alerts

The scale and complexity of modern IT shops makes performing the forecasting required for IT planning impractical even for highly skilled IT teams. Sightline ForSight transforms the capacity forecasting process from impractical to effortless by replacing the manual capacity planning process with fully automated forecasts that can be defined in less than a minute.

Monitoring VMware vCenter

Sightline offers in-depth monitoring of your entire virtual environment. We offer two different strategies to provide the best overall view of your virtual environment. First, look at vCenter Servers to provide an overview of your virtual space. Second, utilize Power Agents to provide an in depth view of mission critical systems and applications.

Views, subviews and ACL capabilities make it easy to see what you need, when you need it. This is especially helpful in a large virtualized environment.

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