Latest Webinar Replay: Protect Your Operations Against Cyber Attacks

Part of the Sightline & Unisys Joint Cybersecurity Webinar Series

On February 5, a water treatment facility in Oldsmar, Florida was the victim of a cyber attack – when a hacker gained access to Oldsmar’s water treatment plant, bumping the sodium hydroxide in the water to a dangerous level.  

In this case, someone modified the ratios of chemicals used within the water supply. This type of breach could apply to virtually any type of industrial production. If a malicious actor accesses and adjusts manufacturing processes, millions of people could be harmed and cause incalculable damage to your brand & reputation.  Don’t let this happen to you.  

Our Webinar covered the following:

  • Why your ICS/SCADA environment needs better security
  • Understanding the “attack profile” and potential ramifications of the Florida water plant hack
  • Best practices to prevent this type of attack from happening to you

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