Using Views and Subviews in EDM

EDM provides the ability to create views for displaying lists of objects in the UI. By creating views you can select the columns that will be displayed, and also specify filtering characteristics (conditions) for the items to be displayed or excluded from the display. EDM 3.3 includes the ability to create sub-views, to further classify the items that you want to display.

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Alert Tracking in EDM

Alerting is one of the core capabilities of EDM, providing a collection of thresholds that are evaluated by EDM for each incoming data block, and defining the actions to be taken (email notifications, run external application, etc) for each of them in case a metric’s value violates the parameters of the configured alert.

Average Alert Duration

EDM gives managers a quick way of viewing the efficiency of the IT operations team by providing the Average Alert Duration on the Triggered Alerts tab. This is calculated by view so it can be displayed for the entire IT organization, at the service level, application level or system level.

Acknowledging Alerts and Assigning Users


Notice the Acknowledged and Assigned User columns on the right of the Triggered Alerts display. Alerts can be acknowledged by individual users, who then take ownership of the issue for investigation and resolution. Check the Display Acknowledged box to list the alerts that have been claimed. You can make notes directly into the alert record, so that results can be documented for future reference; click the note icon to view notes and make updates.

Which Connections are my Alert Groups Assigned To?



Alerts are grouped into Alert Groups; each Alert Group contains a set of configured alerts that can be assigned to one or more connections. How do you know whether an Alert Group has been assigned to a connection? In EDM, you can display this information by selecting the server icon in the Alert Groups display. This seems like a simple thing, but it can be a real time-saver when you need to double-check the your alert settings!

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