Using Sightline to Reduce Downtime

0906_aThis is a story about Max, the Service Level Manager. Max is working in his office when he receives an email. He opens it to find an alert from Sightline; the email alert also includes Clairvor results that were automatically generated when the alert was triggered. Max can quickly look at all of the event data (that is, the processes active on the system) to determine the severity of the issue. Clairvor results include the results of a correlation of the metric that triggered the alert, comparing it to all of the other metrics from the system; correlation results often lead Max directly to the application or asset where the problem originated. In addition, correlation against information from other systems in the application group provides additional information.

Now that Max can see what’s been affected, he can tell that the area affected is a system that is running his mission critical application so he needs this situation resolved ASAP. Max can contact the correct person or group to address the situation quickly, before end users start calling and his business suffers.


Once the situation has been addressed, Max can stay on top of the activity by monitoring the alert duration time, identify who is taking ownership of the situation/alert and look at their resolution notes. He can also watch the situation from his indicator view to make sure that once it has been resolved it does not happen again.

Using Sightline, Max has significantly reduced the downtime on a mission critical system. He also averted a finger-pointing situation within his team by having the evidence to determine exactly what the problem is and where it is occurring. And by monitoring the situation from a high level with his indicator view, Max can rest assured that this situation stays resolved and he can avoid angry end users and bosses calling him for explanations. And if this situation ever arises again he has the documentation he needs for a quick resolution.

Making Informed Decisions with Sightline

Our next story is about Mike. Mike is a CIO and at the end of every year members of his team request new equipment. Mike only has so much budget to go around, and new hardware can consume the entire budget – so he wants to be able to make a smart decision. A big request this year is for new ESX hosts, mainly due to slow performance. These hosts are vital to operations and the team feels that they need new machines to ensure the performance of the applications running on them.

Because Mike has Sightline, he can quickly investigate and make a smart decision.

Before authorizing the hardware purchase he wants to justify the acquisition.The first thing that Mike needs to do confirm the performance issue himself.


Looking at Sightline’s utilization reports, he notices that the systems appear to be running high on memory, but CPU and disk look fine. He then uses ForSight to produce a forecasting report, which shows he is going to run out of memory within the next 90 days but everything else within limits.

Mike authorizes the purchase of more memory but not the new ESX servers. He believes that this will extend the life of the current systems by two years. Because he is still concerned about this application, he decides to over-provision the memory and purchase extra, costing about $1000. But because the requested servers would have cost him about $80,000 and he currently has sufficient hardware, Mike has saved the company $79,000 in hardware costs,thousands more in new software licenses and the man-power required to migrate machines.

Sightline for Unisys ClearPath MCP Systems

We’re pleased to release the 6.6.03 version of the Sightline software for Unisys ClearPath MCP Systems. This release includes the Performance Power Agent, Capacity Power Agent and Sightline Workload Analyzer. Installation kits and documentation can be downloaded from the SupportWeb downloads page.
Read the release notes

Torch for Unisys ClearPath OS2200 Systems

We’re also pleased to release version 4R7E of the Torch Performance Management System for Unisys ClearPath OS2200 Systems. The new Torch installation kit and documentation can be downloaded from the SupportWeb downloads page.
Read the release notes

Sightline does triathlons…with a twist!

Could you complete a triathlon? Would you consider it if you had 70 days to do it? That’s a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run. We would, and we did! We called it the Sightline Challenge. Starting in July, the goal was to complete a triathlon by the end of September. We could do it in whatever order and increments we liked — swimming a few laps Monday, running a few miles Tuesday (walking counts!), biking a bit over the weekend. Congratulations to our three triathletes: Alex Moschkau, Debi Ray and Jeffery Kuhn.

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