The year in review — 2014 at Sightline Systems

Wishing you a very Happy New Year from Sightline Systems

As we approach the end of 2014, we’d like to look back at some of the topics we’ve presented through the year. If there’s a subject you’d like to see in the newsletter, just let us know.

Capacity planning made easy with Sightline EDM. Being able to correctly predict what your infrastructure is going to do in the future can be a truly monumental task. Using the capacity planning functionality within Sightline you can easily create supporting documentation to provide the necessary information to accurately determine what your infrastructure should look like in the weeks, months and years to come.
Read about Capacity Planning with EDM

Data visualization in Sightline EDM: who you are influences what you want to see. Visualization of data sounds like an easy proposition; collect data and display it. But there’s a lot more to it than that! What data should be displayed? How much data? And in what format? With the depth of data available from Sightline data collection agents, and the versatility of Sightline’s display interface, we can show you whatever you need to see.
Read about Data Visualization in EDM

The Sightline Solution for Performance and Security Monitoring. At Sightline we specialize in performance data management. But you can do so much more with performance data than just monitor the performance of your infrastructure. With that in mind, we’ve developed the Sightline Knowledge Quadrant — an in-depth look at what you know and what you don’t know.
Read more about Monitoring and the Sightline Knowledge Quadrant

Sightline in the vCenter Environment. The Sightline Performance Management Solution is a perfect complement to your organization’s vCenter implementation. When used together, Sightline can save you time and money, while providing the peace of mind that your systems are running smoothly.
Read about Sightline in the vCenter Environment

Alerts Post-Processing in EDM. Sightline EDM provides a powerful alerting system, enabling you to send notifications based on threshold conditions that meet the needs of your environment, as well as tracking of active and resolved alerts. EDM also provides notification when an alert has been resolved and cleared. You can send an email or SNMP trap when any active alert has been cleared, providing an extra layer of convenience and tracking to your system administrators.
Read about Alerts and Post-Alert Processing

Using the VM Count metric from vCenter. We’re often asked about the metrics we collect, whether we collect certain information, or how we would represent a specific situation. An interesting metric collected from vCenter is VM Count. Is there a metric that you’re interested in? Let us know, and we’ll investigate!
Read about VM Count

Comparing Data Sets Using Sightline EDM. Using Sightline EDM, there are multiple methods available to compare two or more sets of data. In this example, we’re using the data from test systems in the Sightline office, but the data sets could come from any system type.
Read about Data Comparison using Sightline

Integrating with EDM using the Sightline API. Sightline EDM provides a Web Service API for interaction with the system without using the web login. This is useful for automation, and integration with existing infrastructure. You can use API from any client, using the WSDLs from EDM, to add and update connections, change systems settings, retrieve data and much, much more.
Download the Sightline API documentation

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