Installing and Updating the Power Agent on Windows Systems

We have had several inquiries about silent installs and updates for the Sightline Power Agents. Silent installs and updates for Windows Power Agents are accomplished by creating a response file, documented here.

Sightline Power Agents for Linux and Windows Systems

Software Releases Sightline is pleased to announce the release of the Sightline Power Agent for Linux Systems, version 6.5.6. This is the initial release of the Sightline Power Agent for SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11, Red Hat Enterprise… Read More

Sightline in the vCenter Environment

The Sightline Performance Management Solution is a perfect complement to your organization’s vCenter implementation. With Sightline, your organization can: Maintain detailed performance data based on your organization’s retention objectives. vCenter summarizes data and may not provide the long-term… Read More

Comparing Data Sets Using Sightline EDM

Using Sightline EDM, there are multiple methods available to compare two or more sets of data. In this example, we’re using the data from test systems in the Sightline office, but the data sets could come from any… Read More