Sightline Clairvor Providing Clarity Into IT Like Never Before!

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a problem-solving methodologyfocused on identifying the root cause of a fault or problem, rather than its symptoms. Currently, many IT professionals use a combination of cause-and-effect determination and thetest-and-retry method to identify and… Read More

Tip: Configuring Sightline EDM to Use SSL

Security is always a concern for IT teams. Sightline EDM has you covered by providing support for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which secures your browser communications with the EDM Server. Click here for configuration details.

Tip: Monitoring Java

In addition to the in-depth operating system metrics that Sightline collects for virtually all platforms, Sightline can collect and analyze performance metrics for many Java J2EE servers including IBM WebSphere Application Server and RedHat JBoss. This allows alerting,… Read More