Using Root Cause Analysis to End Your Next Infrastructure Fire Drill

Imagine that you’re in a house and the room next to you is burning. You would never simply close the door to the room and go about your business, because you know eventually that the fire will consume… Read More

Sightline Clairvor Providing Clarity Into IT Like Never Before!

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a problem-solving methodologyfocused on identifying the root cause of a fault or problem, rather than its symptoms. Currently, many IT professionals use a combination of cause-and-effect determination and thetest-and-retry method to identify and… Read More

The Sightline Solution for Performance and Security Monitoring

At Sightline we’ve specialized in performance data management. We realize, though, that with performance data you can do so much more than just monitor the performance of your infrastructure. With that in mind, we’ve developed the Sightline Knowledge… Read More

Configuring Clairvor

Clairvor automates the root cause analysis process – the process of analyzing data from multiple sources, including correlation, drill down and visualization. By automating numerous root cause analysis steps, Clairvor’s RCA functionality helps you save time and increase… Read More