Sightline in the vCenter Environment

The Sightline Performance Management Solution is a perfect complement to your organization’s vCenter implementation. With Sightline, your organization can: Maintain detailed performance data based on your organization’s retention objectives. vCenter summarizes data and may not provide the long-term… Read More

Comparing Data Sets Using Sightline EDM

Using Sightline EDM, there are multiple methods available to compare two or more sets of data. In this example, we’re using the data from test systems in the Sightline office, but the data sets could come from any… Read More

Sightline Power Agents for Linux Systems

We’re pleased to announce the release of new Power Agents for Linux Systems. This release includes updates for all 6.5.x Power Agents for Linux Systems. Fixes in these kits include multiple protomgr updates: Fixed a bug where corrupt… Read More

Configuring Clairvor

Clairvor automates the root cause analysis process – the process of analyzing data from multiple sources, including correlation, drill down and visualization. By automating numerous root cause analysis steps, Clairvor’s RCA functionality helps you save time and increase… Read More

Tip: Installing the Linux Power Agent as a Non-Root User

The Sightline Power Agent for Linux Systems is required to be installed from a user with full root access. However, this is not always possible. This document provides steps to grant root privileges to non-root users, so that… Read More

Tip: Monitoring Real Memory Utilization in Linux

Linux uses RAM memory for disk caching to speed up the system. This means that the Mem % Free metric will consistently be low, perhaps 5%, when the system is actually only using 50% of the RAM. In… Read More