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How the Capital One Hack Could Have Been Detected Sooner

Guest post by Sam Bocetta! Sam is a freelance journalist specializing in U.S. diplomacy and national security, with emphases on technology trends in cyberwarfare, cyberdefense, and cryptography. Another day, another major data breach. This time, it’s from Capital… Read More

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Why Do Mainframes Still Matter?

Now that we’ve entered the era of self-driving vehicles and asset sharing (think Uber and Lyft), you might wonder why – or if — trains still exist. Turns out, the old Iron Horse still plays a critical role… Read More

Creating Compound Expression Alerts in Sightline EDM

1. Log into Sightline EDM 2. Add an Alert Group Navigate to the Alerts Tab Navigate to the Alert Groups Tab Click the “Add Alert Group” button OR edit an existing Alert Group. Fill in the fields and… Read More

Compound Expressions Improve Your IT Monitoring

While today’s monitoring solutions help IT teams view their IT infrastructures with little to no tweaking, using an IT monitoring solution that allows for complex expressions can be very useful in improving reliability. So what’s a complex expression?… Read More

Meet Sightline Assure

As a successful monitoring and analytics solution provider, we’ve had 12 years of success answering the needs of current and future customers. While our EDM product has continuously delivered a high level of performance for IT teams from… Read More

East of Data Center Alley: Our Trip to Data Center World

  A good deal of the Internet traffic that flows to government sites and commercial sites like Amazon, LinkedIn and Facebook go through “Data Center Alley,” which is just minutes to the west of our Fairfax, VA-based headquarters…. Read More

The Problem With Ghost Servers

Ghost servers are a growing problem for enterprise infrastructures. The term, which denotes unused or underutilized servers, has grown recently as companies perform cost, security or performance plans for their big networks. Back in 2013, a BizTech article… Read More