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How the Capital One Hack Could Have Been Detected Sooner

Guest post by Sam Bocetta! Sam is a freelance journalist specializing in U.S. diplomacy and national security, with emphases on technology trends in cyberwarfare, cyberdefense, and cryptography. Another day, another major data breach. This time, it’s from Capital… Read More

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Top Five Reasons IT Performance Monitoring is Essential to Your Business

As an IT professional, your job is to ensure continual systems availability and to mitigate risk. Monitoring your IT infrastructure is an essential part of your overall IT strategy, yet many companies either don’t have an effective system… Read More

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Why Do Mainframes Still Matter?

Now that we’ve entered the era of self-driving vehicles and asset sharing (think Uber and Lyft), you might wonder why – or if — trains still exist. Turns out, the old Iron Horse still plays a critical role… Read More

Sightline Systems Included in Prestigious ITOA Predictions List

FAIRFAX, VA – March 6, 2016 – We are proud to announce that Sightline Systems’ own Brandon Witte is mentioned in the ITOA Landscape’s 2016 ITOA Predictions list. The list features quotes from the ITOA50 (the Who’s Who… Read More

Using Root Cause Analysis to End Your Next Infrastructure Fire Drill

Imagine that you’re in a house and the room next to you is burning. You would never simply close the door to the room and go about your business, because you know eventually that the fire will consume… Read More