Sightline Highlights – Nov. 17, 2014

JBoss tmp directory maintenance Are you running EDM? As part of the normal operation of the JBoss container that Sightline uses, it creates temporary files in the jboss-as-7.1.1.Final/standalone/tmp folder. With each restart of EDM (and thus the JBoss… Read More

Using the VM Count metric from vCenter

We’re often asked about the metrics we collect, whether we collect certain information, or how we would represent a specific situation. An interesting metric collected from vCenter is VM Count. Do you know exactly how many VMs you… Read More

Using Sightline to Reduce Downtime

This is a story about Max, the Service Level Manager. Max is working in his office when he receives an email. He opens it to find an alert from Sightline; the email alert also includes Clairvor results that… Read More