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How to Accurately Monitor Linux Memory Usage in Sightline EDM

In Linux, calculating available memory is not always straightforward. This is because Linux treats memory resources differently than other operating systems. Because of this, many Linux server monitoring tools do not properly calculate the true value of the… Read More

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How Data Analytics is Changing the Manufacturing Landscape

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the landscape of the U.S. manufacturing industry.  Companies that understand the patterns and trends and position themselves to prepare for the impending advances will most certainly gain a competitive edge… Read More

Creating Compound Expression Alerts in Sightline EDM

1. Log into Sightline EDM 2. Add an Alert Group Navigate to the Alerts Tab Navigate to the Alert Groups Tab Click the “Add Alert Group” button OR edit an existing Alert Group. Fill in the fields and… Read More

Do You Need an Alerts Team?

If you’re part of a team that’s involved with increasing or monitoring system, component or infrastructure performance, you already know about the “alert flood.” It’s that constant deluge of emails to notify you that the systems you or… Read More

Configuring Array Alerts in EDM

The ability to set alerts is a powerful feature that allows you to monitor your systems for abnormal events or behavior without actually seeing the event occur. An alert can be configured for all subscripts of a single… Read More

Third Party Data in Sightline

Speaking of data, what about third-party data? Is there a way to pull third party-data into Sightline? And if so, how?  Yes! Sightline offers multiple methods of pulling third-party data into Sightline for display and analysis by EDM… Read More

Firewall Settings for Sightline Communication

A frequently asked question for us here at Sightline is, what ports do I need for communication between the EDM and the Power Agent?   Sightline uses TCP/IP to communicate between EDM and the Power Agents and firewall rules… Read More

Setting Your Data Retention Policy

An important consideration in performance management and capacity planning is your data retention policy. Some data consumes a tremendous amount of space and loses its value quickly, such as process data. The granularity of data also loses its… Read More

Configuring Logging Levels in EDM

There is a lot going on in the EDM application, and a lot of it is logged in the Data Collector’s wrapper.log files. Let’s face it, EDM logs a lot of stuff, and the log files can grow… Read More

Doubling the Charting Speed of Sightline EDM

Sightline can collect data from over 7,500 different metrics across multiple OS platforms.  One of the important features of Sightline Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) is to visualize the data. Once the data is collected we use a charting… Read More