Third Party Data in Sightline

Speaking of data, what about third-party data? Is there a way to pull third party-data into Sightline? And if so, how?  Yes! Sightline offers multiple methods of pulling third-party data into Sightline for display and analysis by EDM… Read More

Using Workloads in Sightline

Workloads are a powerful tool in the Sightline software suite. But what exactly are workloads, and what can you do with them? We’d like to take this opportunity to explore workloads… how workloads are defined, what information is… Read More

New Power Agent for Stratus VOS Systems

We’re pleased to announce the release of the Sightline Power Agent for Stratus VOS Systems, version for OpenVOS 17. This release includes XML improvements for monitoring ftScalable storage arrays, among other updates. The release software is available… Read More

Monitoring VMware vCenter with Sightline

Sightline offers in-depth monitoring of your entire virtual environment. We utilize two different strategies to provide you with the best overall view of your virtual environment. First, we look at your vCenter Servers to provides an overview of… Read More

Sightline releases EA/V 8.0.5

Sightline Systems Corporation is pleased to announce the General Availability of Sightline Expert Advisor/Vision (EA/V) version 8.0.5.  EA/V is the analysis component of the Sightline performance software suite. For complete details about this release, please review the release notes… Read More