Sightline Clairvor Providing Clarity Into IT Like Never Before!

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a problem-solving methodologyfocused on identifying the root cause of a fault or problem, rather than its symptoms. Currently, many IT professionals use a combination of cause-and-effect determination and thetest-and-retry method to identify and… Read More

Sightline in the vCenter Environment

The Sightline Performance Management Solution is a perfect complement to your organization’s vCenter implementation. With Sightline, your organization can: Maintain detailed performance data based on your organization’s retention objectives. vCenter summarizes data and may not provide the long-term… Read More

The Sightline Solution for Performance and Security Monitoring

At Sightline we’ve specialized in performance data management. We realize, though, that with performance data you can do so much more than just monitor the performance of your infrastructure. With that in mind, we’ve developed the Sightline Knowledge… Read More

Using Sightline to Reduce Downtime

This is a story about Max, the Service Level Manager. Max is working in his office when he receives an email. He opens it to find an alert from Sightline; the email alert also includes Clairvor results that… Read More

EDM 4.0 Released on September 1, 2014

Sightline is please to announce the release of Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) version 4.0. EDM 4.0 introduces several exciting new features designed to help automate capacity planning, forecasting, and security activities in your IT environment: ForSight for capacity… Read More

Configuring Clairvor

Clairvor automates the root cause analysis process – the process of analyzing data from multiple sources, including correlation, drill down and visualization. By automating numerous root cause analysis steps, Clairvor’s RCA functionality helps you save time and increase… Read More

Sightline Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) 3.3

We’re pleased to announce the release of EDM version 3.3. This new version contains many updates and new features. We have enhanced the VMware data source for better vMotion support. You can now control access to views by… Read More

Sightline Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) 3.2

Sightline Systems is pleased to announce the release of Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) version 3.2. EDM 3.2 includes exciting new features and enhancements. Alert enhancements  You’ll be able to makes notes in the alert record to track the… Read More

Sightline releases EDM 3.1 with Clairvor for Automated Root Cause Analysis

Sightline Systems is pleased to announce the general availability of Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) version 3.1. Sightline EDM provides centralized data collection, alerting, archiving and summarization for data collected by Sightline Power Agents and Interface Agents. EDM also… Read More