State Welfare Office Uses Sightline

A Mid-Atlantic State has been a customer of Sightline since 2002. They originally monitored just the OS2200 systems, and expanded to Windows systems over 10 years ago. The Windows systems include web servers running IIS and Component Services and database servers running Oracle and SQL Server. As the environment started moving to virtualization using VMware, Sightline software was also deployed to monitor systems at the VMware level. Sightline software is used for monitoring, alerting and reporting, as well as long-term trending of both system and storage resources.
Deployment: DPW uses the Sightline software to monitor approximately 700 test and production Windows systems and three ClearPath OS2200 mainframes. Sightline is an integral part of their IT environment, and there are several Sightline dashboards on display throughout the IT environment at DPW.

Customer Satisfaction: Because Sightline can be used to analyze applications across multiple systems, DPW has been able to successfully analyze issues where a symptom such as high transaction response time appears on one system, but the root cause is on another.

In 2013 DPW was the designated agency to provide access for its citizens to health insurance options provided through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Sightline Performance Suite was used to perform application and systems performance analysis and trend analysis for application response time and system resource utilization before and during the ACA implementation. Specifically, Sightline was used to compare application and system performance from the new application code suite on the Microsoft® Windows® servers and Unisys® ClearPath® to the previous versions of the application components to help identify applications that required further analysis to address measured performance issues and for helping to determine the health and stability of the DPW IT infrastructure. During the initial period of the ACA rollout, the Sightline software provided hands-on system monitoring and problem management. The Sightline software was instrumental in the technical monitoring of the DPW production IT environment in a conference room setting with managers and technical resources during the first three days when ACA became available for use. It helped diagnose and address five critical issues that developed for DPW during the first two days of the ACA implementation. As a result, the duration of these outages was shorter and reoccurrences were eliminated.
“I don’t know how a project of this magnitude can be implemented without using Sightline.”
System Administrator, State DPW.