Stratus VOS Monitoring

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IT Monitoring for Stratus VOS Systems

Sightline Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is a powerful IT infrastructure monitoring and real-time analytics solution that provides maximum control over any IT environment. The Sightline™ Power Agent™ for VOS® Systems collects and reports performance data from all of the key components of the operating system, including process information. EDM enables IT teams to continuously monitor the entire system in real time in order to proactively predict performance issues and prevent unplanned downtime and data loss. Its highly interactive, visual tools are used to achieve results in minutes, accelerating discovery and investigation within any IT infrastructure.



Stratus VOS Performance Metrics

Sightline EDM collects these specific IT performance metrics on  VOS systems:

CPU Utilization

More than any other system resource, the power for the central processing unit (CPU) flows efficiently to the processes that need it. If you are out of CPU resources, the only real way to significantly reduce the load to the CPU is to use the processor in a more efficient manner.

Memory and Paging Metrics

VOS is a demand paging system. When a process needs a page of memory it drops into the kernel and runs the code to get that page. Sightline provides the information you need to keep enough pages on the free list for all of your active processes to use.

Disk Statistics

Disks are the slowest part of any computer system, so how your application uses the disk is often the key to good performance.

Network Statistics

Network I/O problems usually result in the network being overloaded or a loss of data integrity. If a network is overloaded, you can divide it into sub-nets. Network data integrity problems happen when faulty equipment requires several retransmissions.

Path Meters

Path meters tell you what is happening to a specific object (file, queue, etc.) pointed to by the path. Since application design problems can happen when the data leaves the process this is a valuable way to look at key resources.

Process Metrics

This class provides statistics on the number of processes active, as well as transaction throughput information.

Time Zone Metrics

Time Zone metrics allow Sightline to synchronize data from different time zones.

Workload Metrics

Workloads divide the many processes that make up your total processing load into manageable, functionally related groups. Sightline collects and delivers data on how each workload is behaving in terms of activity, resource utilization, and system impact.




Stratus VOS Monitoring Metrics

Sightline EDM collects these specific IT infrastructure monitoring metrics on VOS systems: