Monitoring Amazon EC2 Instances

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IT Monitoring for Amazon EC2 Instances

Sightline Enterprise Data Management™ (EDM) is a powerful IT infrastructure monitoring and real-time analytics solution that provides maximum control over any IT environment. The Sightline Power Agent™ for Amazon EC2 instances collects and reports performance data from all of the key components of the operating system, including process information. EDM enables IT teams to continuously monitor the entire system in real time in order to proactively predict performance issues and prevent unplanned downtime and data loss. Its highly interactive, visual tools are used to achieve results in minutes, accelerating discovery and investigation within any IT infrastructure.

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CPU Utilization, Network Traffic, Memory and Disk I/O

Sightline EDM gives you automatic notifications of any issues related to EC2 instances. You can proactively monitor process level details such as Network in, Network out, CPU credit and utilization, disk read/write operations.

EC2 Instances Automatic Monitoring

Sightline helps you automatically cross correlate problems, forecast Capacity Issues across servers in your Amazon cloud and troubleshoot problems through Root Cause Analysis.

Detect Behavioral Anomalies

Get an alert when a problem is detected in your cloud instances; Sightline EDM helps IT teams visualize unexpected data spikes and evaluate the significance of that data to determine whether any given anomaly could be cause for future concern.

Take Corrective Action

Sightline EDM allows IT teams to spend less time reactively responding to incidents and more time proactively taking action to prevent problems. Sightline helps IT teams conduct root cause analysis, configure real-time alert notifications and establish minimum or maximum performance thresholds to better prevent anomalies from re-occurring.


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