Securing Critical Manufacturing Data

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Providing IT and OT convergence to maximize the secure gathering and analysis of data to deliver manufacturing optimization

Actively monitoring manufacturing ecosystems takes an enormous amount of human resources, while analyzing data from disparate sources has continuously proven to be both time-consuming and relatively ineffective. These days most organizations have processes that produce massive amounts of data – but this data is often too complex to be analyzed in real-time.

There are many common problems that affect how information from manufacturing processes is treated today:

  • Data is usually stored on local devices and accessed only when there is a problem
  • Data sharing within the organisation is not maximized, in fact it is often at minimal levels
  • There is often a reactive approach to production and process issues – “figure out what happened”
  • Most organisations have a minimal predictive and/or prescriptive analytics capability
  • Many fail to capture accurate and timely Unit Operations Cycle Times to identify downtime reasons and bottlenecks for process improvement
  • Not easy to visualize current and future events on the Floor
  • The majority of sophisticated production lines today are constrained by the inability to access and process data in advance of production issues

Unisys and Sightline have been partners for 30 years and over that time we have worked together to provide solutions to mission critical issues facing the world’s manufacturing industries. By combining our technologies we believe we have the capability to address and overcome the issues holding back many manufacturing organisations from realizing the potential of the data that is already being collected.

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