IT and OT Convergence

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A Solution Built with You In Mind

The integration of Information Technology (IT) systems used for data-orientated computing with Operational Technology (OT) systems that monitor industrial processes, events, and devices is a key focus for many organizations around the globe. These organizations realize they now need to capture and analyze all relevant data for more accurate and informed decision-making.

The OT side – typically Industrial Control Systems – has not been integrated into IT systems but has been isolated, often to individual locations. However, organizations are now moving towards the integration of communications and networking in industrial environments and automating many of their formally manual processes. This is integral to the growing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

IT/OT convergence is a critical step in the move towards more comprehensive monitoring of all stages of manufacturing processes, enabling more direct intervention, and providing the ability to analyze and act on output data from anywhere in the world quickly and effectively.

The combined SIAS platform enables the collection of data in real time across the production line, optimizing production efficiency through actionable intelligence, and protects data in transit in a Zero Trust environment. This presents a comprehensive, full featured solution that enables the IT and OT convergence that manufacturers need.

In addition, the solution achieves cryptographic zoning on LAN/WAN, public networks and 5G and can also automatically provide alerts on operational abnormalities which may represent security issues.

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