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Secure Industrial Analytics Solution (SIAS)

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Combining our proven technologies into a single integrated solution, SIAS enables organizations to address challenges with the benefits of multi-vendor solutions from a single supplier.

With SIAS, Sightline EDM™ collects and analyses your data across all your locations, whilst Unisys Stealth™ treats the underlying infrastructure as untrusted. In addition, Cryptographic zoning is achieved on…

  • Public networks
  • 5G

With SIAS, data in transit is protected in a Zero Trust environment, and can automatically alert on operational abnormalities which may represent security issues.

EDM™ enables the real-time collection of data across the production line and provide universal optimization through actionable intelligence. EDM analyses data to predict performance analytics issues by the millisecond.

EDM’s™ alerting and forecasting capabilities are key in identifying potential issues before they happen, turning reactive organizations into proactive ones. EDM™ is highly configurable and provides user-friendly data analysis tools for faster investigation through automated correlation and problem identification.

EDM™ also provides visibility into processes with an easy-to-use interface – accelerating supply chain velocity through the identification and removal of bottlenecks, providing enhanced visibility into operations, and enabling both increased efficiencies and production output / quality.

This process also – critically – reduces costs to eliminate waste and avoid unnecessary scrap or rework, and in today’s multi-national world helps eliminates potential language barriers within ecosystems.

However – just being able to analyze the data these days is not enough. Data must be secured and protected in transit from remote sites or to multiple disparate locations where it is analyzed and acted upon. And of course it needs to be fully protected against data theft.

Unisys has developed the Stealth™ portfolio to bring proven top-class security concepts into the converged IT/OT Cybersecurity space.

  • The Stealth™ approach allows IT/OT operational harmonization, with software based solutions that are lean and light, not creating overhead on devices, latency for applications or bandwidth limitations on the network.
  • Unisys knows that the manufacturing sector desires superior Cybersecurity at compelling TCO/ROI which is not achievable with traditional concepts.
  • Implementing Stealth™ eliminates potential language barriers within ecosystems.

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