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Systems Monitoring and Analytics Solutions for

IT and IIoT

Fortune 50 and Global 100 Customers in more than 15 countries across a variety of industries depend on Sightline Systems’ advanced analytics tools for root cause analysis, anomaly detection, and capacity planning.

Performance Analytics

Harness the power of your system’s big data with advanced analytics tools that give you the sub-second real time visibility you need to streamline operations and improve profitability across your systems.

Anomaly Detection

Rest easy with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that automate anomaly detection, uncover irregular patterns of system behavior, and identify potential performance issues before the loss.

Capacity Planning

Automate reports that help you identify resource bottlenecks, forecast capacity constraints, and prevent application downtime across today’s modern cloud, virtual, and hybrid environments – all with the click of a button.

Root Cause Analysis

Drastically reduce the time intensive process of sorting through thousands of data sources and infrastructure components to pinpoint costly problems in your systems.

Secure Industrial Analytics Solution (SIAS)

Combining our proven technologies into a single integrated solution, SIAS enables organizations to address challenges with the benefits of multi-vendor solutions from a single supplier. With SIAS, you can collect and analyze the data assets across all your locations, while treating the underlying infrastructure as untrusted.