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Sightline vs TwinThread: Which Is the Best Continuous Improvement Software?

Sightline Systems is at the forefront of real-time predictive analytics, root cause analysis, anomaly detection, and continuous improvement technology in the manufacturing space. Industrial and manufacturing operations need to take advantage of the data running through their plants and draw actionable insights from this data in a systematic, automatic, and sustainable way.

While TwinThread uses machine learning and AI in a similar fashion to Sightline EDM, their ease of use, visualizations, and digitalization outputs functions much differently than Sightline’s customizable manufacturing analytics solution.

Which Is the Best Continuous Improvement Software?

Manufacturing Analytics All Plant Operators Can Use

Sightline EDM offers incredibly accurate predictive analytics that foresee bottlenecks, slowdowns, and operational issues. This unique technology applies historical and real-time manufacturing analytics to allow insights to only become more accurate through continuous machine learning.


Be alerted instantly to anomalies within your enterprise data. Risk-based monitoring identifies anomalies that could create a problem or be a security threat. Once identified, receive instant alerts displaying the data in question and historical baselines that display the impact to your business.

Find the problem at the source within minutes, not months. Our advanced correlation engine determines the cause of a problem and the context in which it occurred. This allows you to respond quickly to the operational issue and prevent the inefficiency from ever entering your processes again.


Determine bottlenecks, when you will reach maximum capacity, and capitalize on demand spikes with automated capacity planning. Sightline EDM’s continuous improvement platform offers customizable reports that predict your ability to respond to potential problems or opportunities.


SIAS is Sightline EDM’s built-in cybersecurity solution that offers a “zero trust” approach to data. Protect your data with endpoint cloaking, cryptographic zoning, data encryption, and dynamic isolation that occurs in real time. SIAS safeguards you from attacks and aids you in responding to them quickly.

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  • Software Functionality

  • A “digital twin” is a copy of your data, that is then used to interpret solutions for potential problems that arise. It learns similarly to machine learning. However, these have limited resources to rely on, and can be expensive to deploy.*

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  • Dashboard Functionality

  • TwinThread offers prepackaged dashboards that allow you to manage multiple dashboards and spreadsheets in separate tabs. The convenience of being prepackaged may be outweighed by the potential for irrelevant data to be displayed.**

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  • Manufacturing Analytics Solutions

  • Modeling is similar to forecasting in that it recommends paths of actions after analyzing data. However, data modeling requires construction and assigns predetermined structures to your industrial operations.***

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  • Built-In Security

  • TwinThread offers data protection and alerts you to potential threats as most advanced analytics solutions do, but lacks the “zero trust” strategy. Cloud-based security is dependent on the platform being used. ****

Advanced Analytics Solutions for Inefficient Processes


Ready to Use

Sightline EDM comes ready to implement but still offers unique opportunities to customize the program to suit your needs. Get your analytics up and running without the hassle of difficult steps for setup.

One Dashboard for All

Take the stress out of data collection by eliminating the need for multiple spreadsheets or dashboards. With a single dashboard, you can get a general overview or drill down into data specifics as needed.

Scalable for Any Size

Our enterprise-grade software is great for more consolidated operations or large scale ones. Easily set up role-based security and controls, so your team can more efficiently manage your continuous improvement processes.

Pre-Built Integration

Sightline gathers data in only minutes and takes the hassle out of individually syncing PLCs, CNC machines, process equipment, and other vital sources. This manufacturing analytics technology easily works with reestablish systems.

Optimize Your Data Collection with Sightline

Choose the best performing manufacturing analytics solution for your operations. From initial data collection to continuous improvement analysis, Sightline EDM prevents problems and inefficiencies from occurring throughout your manufacturing processes.

Secure Your Data

Ensure your sensitive data is protected with cybersecurity measures that reduce your attack surface. Safeguard your operation from the inside out with customizable access points and permission statuses.


Don’t Let Your Data Leave You in the Dark

Predictive analytics alerts you to potential problems before they can become disasters. Reduce downtime and labor by automating your data analysis and using our machine learning to predict when a problem will occur.


Stay Tuned In and Integrated

Sightline pairs with a wide variety of IIoTs and other data collectors to give you the bigger picture of your operations. You no longer have to wait weeks to find the right advanced analytics solution to sync your data.

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