Sightline vs Seeq: Which Is the Best Manufacturing Analytics Software?

Sightline Systems is ahead of the game when it comes to manufacturing analytics. Using real-time data, our system identifies anomalies and potential problems before they become disastrous. Save time and effort by allowing our software to compile solutions via machine learning, where it scans historical data as well as present data to give you the full context of your operations.

Seeq is focused solely on process manufacturing data and offers a much narrower scope of features than Sightline. While their baseline processes may be similar to Sightline’s—as they are guided by predictive analytics and machine learning—the implementation of Sightline’s software and user-friendly feature updates from Sightline greatly overpower Seeq’s capabilities.

Manufacturing Analytics Software

Features that Make
Batch Analysis Simple

Our software collects live data and uses it to give you the most accurate solutions and forecasting, saving time and effort spent on analyzing and synthesizing your data manually. In addition, data is continuously monitored in real-time, allowing you to make money-saving decisions faster.


Identify both subtle and significant anomalies quickly without the need of a data analyst. Respond to inefficiencies and processes outside of acceptable tolerances before they become a potential issue. Real-time, continuous monitoring across all facilities guarantees nothing will go unnoticed.

Sightline doesn’t just find inefficiencies, it accurately assesses why they happened in the first place. Use visualizations and reports that can be shared across departments and collaborated on amongst teammates. Mitigate process manufacturing risks permanently by correcting issues at the source.


Find your operational bottlenecks, plot your production strategy, and determine your maximum capacity with Sightline EDM’s forecasting tool. Elevate the pressure of supply chain demands by forecasting proper output amounts and decreasing wasted resources throughout production.


Your operational infrastructure is constantly at risk. While continuous manufacturing analytics are vital for process manufacturing, centerlining, and golden batch success, cyber attacks bring production to a screeching halt. Safeguard your data against attacks, corruption, and interference.

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  • System Integrations

  • Seeq admits that their system runs best using AWS or Microsoft Azure. This flaw restricts your ability to use the programs you may already have, and presents a learning curve to people unfamiliar with those two platforms.*

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  • Dashboard Functionality

  • Seeq’s Organizer dashboard contains limited functionality and interoperability. It also contains limited visualization features that makes interpreting data difficult.**

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  • Manufacturing Analytics Solutions

  • Seeq lacks the ability to synthesize data insights into solutions. This human-based functionality has much room for error, as you are reliant on messages between workers and managers to determine a proper solution.**

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  • Pricing

  • Seeq’s annual pricing can be extremely costly for small to medium sized businesses and is one of the most expensive continuous and batch process manufacturing analytics solutions for enterprises.

Built-In Features
Applicable Beyond
Process Manufacturing


Scalable Design

Sightline’s ongoing feature updates allow the system to scale as your manufacturing plant does. Implement it on one production line or throughout all your batch processes for full control over your manufacturing operations.

Ensure Compliance

Sightline monitors your data to alert you when your processes are failing or optimized incorrectly. Keep your systems up to date and have access to data required for informed decisions about your compliance standards.

Excellent Resource Management

Improper resource utilization defeats optimal systems, lowers productivity, and increases costs. Predictive forecasting analyzes your resources and determines the best course for potential problems or mismanagement.

Lower Your Costs

Sightline optimizes your data so you can make the most informed decisions about where you allocate funds. Reduces downtime, find the best solutions for your process manufacturing plant, reduce labor costs, and save money.

From Batch Analysis to Full Manufacturing Analytics, Sightline Has It All

Harness premier advanced manufacturing analytics, industrial automation, and predictive forecasting software. Whereas Seeq only offers part of the solution, Sightline provides the tools needed for informed decisions to increase productivity and efficiency.


Integration with All Systems

We don’t limit our availability to businesses with certain programs already in place. Systems and machines are fully integrated into our platform in a matter of minutes, not months.


Custom Alerting

Determine what counts within your data by setting up custom alerts. Whether it’s machine downtime or batch analysis errors, you can be alerted to problems that you’re focused on solving quickly.


24/7 Monitoring

Our software never sleeps and never stops monitoring your data. With historical and real-time data being constantly collected, analyzed, and shared, our comprehensive dashboard predicts future outcomes.

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