Sightline vs MachineMetrics:
Which Production Tracking Software is Right for You?

Using real-time predictive analytics, root cause analysis, anomaly detection, and continuous improvement technology, Sightline Systems production tracking software offers additional insight into the operations of your plant so you can make informed decisions.

While MachineMetrics is an analytics platform with similar industrial automation capabilities, their software takes on the primary role of observer instead of root cause analyst. See which manufacturing analytics software is the best choice for your plant.

Which Production Tracking Software is Right for You?

Manufacturing Analytics Required for Increased
Bottom Lines

With machine learning and AI, Sightline EDM predicts issues before they occur. Capacity, supplies, and other manufacturing analytics are monitored in real-time to alert you to potential problems down the line.

Identify anomalies in your system with Sightline EDM’s risk-based monitoring. This unique software seeks out potential problems by addressing anomalies and alerts operators when issues are detected for faster resolutions.

Finding a problem is not enough. You need to know what caused it. With root cause analysis, Sightline EDM shows you where and why a problem occurred, including potential involvement from outside sources.

Never exceed maximum capacity again with accurate planning and forecasting abilities. Find bottlenecks in your system, when you will reach max capacity, and how to better optimize production.

Your data is protected from potential threats waiting to expose sensitive data. Cyber attacks are prevented with cryptographic zoning, data encryption, and dynamic isolation. Don’t let loopholes destroy your work and reputation.

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  • Machinemetrics Logo

  • Software Functionality

  • MachineMetrics is a production tracking software that monitors the health of your machines. It also offers predictive analytics, but differs in how it utilizes it. Rather than growing through machine learning exclusively, it requires input from human operators. *

  • ____________________________________

  • Dashboard Functionality

  • MachineMetrics offers a color-coded dashboard. Your data is segmented into individual blocks within the interface and displayed on one screen for ease of viewing. This can be too simple for users who want to dive deeper into data.** In addition, the interface is confusing for users to understand.***

  • ____________________________________

  • Manufacturing Analytics Solutions

  • This production tracking software does not utilize an automated risk-based analytics design. It needs input to determine solutions, which can lead to human error.****

  • ____________________________________

  • Built-In Security

  • MachineMetrics does not offer a built-in cybersecurity solution. Your data is potentially at risk for being compromised by bad actors, or cyber attackers.

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Improving Industrial Automation


Advanced Production Tracking Software

Sightline easily syncs with Industry 4.0 or any production machine, identifying problems and opportunities for optimization. You don’t have to waste time searching for specific integration softwares or manually extracting data.

Easy and Customizable but Powerful

Sightline’s default dashboard is configured according to your data, but can be customized to offer additional features that suit your needs. Record what’s important without losing sight of the rest of your data.

In-Depth Manufacturing Analytics

Delve deeper into your data than ever before. Gain insights into your industrial automation processes that haven’t been considered, and make the most of every piece of data in minutes, not days.

Ideal for Your Industry

Sightline’s EDM software integrates with manufacturing facilities, with or without pre-established sensors. This powerful manufacturing analytics software is depended upon by top manufacturers in 15 countries.

Sightline is the Ideal Production Tracking Software

Sightline Systems is the preferred software for top manufacturers looking to optimize their processes, increase efficiency, and protect their workers. Save time and money with our predictive analytics and risk assessment tools, informing you about every facet of your production.

Protect Your Team

Sightline identifies dangerous problems such as machine malfunctions that can potentially injure your staff. Sightline’s production tracking software simplifies the labor process, eliminating exhaustive manual monitoring.


Where You Are, and World-Wide

Sightline software syncs with your machines no matter where they are. Eliminate the information gap between buildings or sectors by compiling all of your data into one simple dashboard.


Manufacturing Analytics Large and Small

See your data from a top-down view or pinpoint exact moments in the metrics. Your data is comprehensive, contextualized, and historically-recorded so you can see everything, past and present.

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