Sightline in the vCenter Environment

1201_aThe Sightline Performance Management Solution is a perfect complement to your organization’s vCenter implementation. With Sightline, your organization can:

  • Maintain detailed performance data based on your organization’s retention objectives. vCenter summarizes data and may not provide the long-term data retention that you need.
  • Easily create custom dashboards combining data from one or more systems to provide unique views of systems and architecture.
  • Leverage Clairvor, Sightline’s automated root cause analysis tool. Clairvor can perform complex cross-system correlation analysis in seconds, aiding in solving issues.
  • Correlate both VM data and OS metrics in one tool Sightline can gather not only the performance data from vCenter, it can also gather performance data from OS instances and many popular application frameworks and tools.
  • Forecasting – Sightline allows users to prepare forecasts on any collected metrics for any time period. Know before capacity issues become problems.
  • Create custom alerts and alarms based on metrics collected or expressions created leveraging collected data. You identify the actions to take when alerts are triggered.

Adding the Sightline ACE option provides:

  • Automated compliance reporting for Windows, Linux and UNIX systems.
  • Over 7000 policy rules including standards from DISA, NIST, SOX, HIPAA and others.
  • Ensure the configuration of your OS instances remains consistent and be alerted to changes.
  • Direct access to change information from the Sightline dashboard and Clairvor to accelerate root cause analysis and problem resolution.

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