Sightline … from Mainframes to VMs

What do you have in your IT environment? Hardware, operating systems, applications, storage. Sightline can help you monitor and manage it. You might be surprised by the wide range of data sources that we support. In addition to operating systems, Sightline covers a very wide array of applications and SANs. With that in mind, click here for a list of everything that Sightline supports. And remember, we are constantly updating our software and working with our corporate partners to make sure that we have everything you need covered. If you have something that you think we should add, just let us know!

Forecasting with Sightline
In Sightline ForSight you’ll find preconfigured templates that let you visualize the trend of past utilization, and forecast where those system resources are going in the future. ForSight can accurately predict where your infrastructure is heading. Using complex algorithms and historical data, ForSight shows you where you’ll be, based on your past and present utilization. And you are not limited to our preconfigured reports–you can forecast and trend on any metric collected.

As with Sightline utilization reporting, you can create a report to show the overall reliance on the infrastructure of an application, SAN or any group of things you like. You can schedule reports for your monthly or weekly meetings or create an ad hoc report if you need to show something right now. All of this is easily done; it’s the same as creating any other report with Sightline.

You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. Try Sightline today to see your future with our capacity planning tools.
Integrating with EDM using the Sightline API

Sightline EDM provides a Web Service API for interaction with the system without using the web login. This is useful for automation, and integration with existing infrastructure.

There are four Web Services available for interaction with EDM: Connections, Settings, Visualization and DataRetrieval. You can use these Web Services from any client, using the WSDLs from EDM. Using the Web Services, you can add and update connections, change systems settings, retrieve data and much, much more. And moving forward, more capabilities will be made available. Click here to download the documentation.

Sightline and Model Stock Car Racing, Revisited
You may recall a couple of months ago, when we wrote about the world of Model Stock Car Racing. Kevin Hunt, Head of Worldwide Support, is currently ranked 39th in the world at 1/8th Nitro Stock car racing. On October 19, Kevin competed at the Champion of Champions meet and came in 12th of 29, qualifying for the semi-finals. Congratulations, Kevin!