Sightline Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) 3.3

We’re pleased to announce the release of EDM version 3.3. This new version contains many updates and new features.

  • We have enhanced the VMware data source for better vMotion support.
  • You can now control access to views by editing an ACL on each view.
  • You can now create sub-views under parent views for easier organization and navigation of your views.
  • We’ve added a noise reduction feature to eliminate uninteresting correlation results in Clairvor, enhanced Clairvor reporting, and added the ability to add alerts from a Clairvor pop up chart.
  • You can display a list of connections that are assigned the same alert group.
  • We’ve added the ability to export and import report templates, charts, alert groups and expressions. Export saves information to an XML file that can be imported from the EDM UI.
  • The average alert duration for all triggered alerts is now displayed on the Alerts tab.
  • The left-side menu bar is now resizable, as well as collapsible.

The EDM 3.3 release software is available on our SupportWeb downloads page.