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Meet SIAS® An End-to-End OT and IT Security Solution

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Protect your systems and facilities from security threats that could cripple your business. Protect against new risks and respond to threats in real-time with our “zero trust” strategy.

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Cybersecurity is Vital to Your Business.

Why is cybersecurity protection significant and how does it impact your business? Cybersecurity is the protection of internet-connected critical systems, networks, devices, programs, and data from digital threats. Attacks on operational technology (OT) have the potential to cripple your business—the average revenue loss for a single event is upwards of $4 million, a number that grows every day. The OT threat landscape is expanding with the convergence of IT and OT networks and growing reliance on the Internet of Things (IoT). Without proper cybersecurity, the likelihood of attack is exponentially higher than it was even last year. OT attacks have surged 2,000% year-over-year. Sightline knows that with more data comes greater risk and the need for industrial control cybersecurity options specifically tailored that meet the unique needs of IoT security. Threat actors are setting their sights on gaps in IoT security and exploiting open source software and ICS monitoring vulnerabilities. How confident are you that traditional firewall, VPN, and user authentication security approaches are keeping your facilities truly secure? Don’t bet your bottom line. Be sure of your security with SIAS®.

SIAS™ Analysis Features

Intelligent, Unified Predictive Analytics Making Your Data Smart, Securing Your Tomorrow

Analyze system data across facilities in real-time using Sightline’s powerful data intelligence & analytics solution that allows managers, engineers and technicians to take advantage of the performance, efficiency, and quality gains made possible by the IoT.
Cloaking Of All Endpoints & Sensitive Data

Real Time, Seamless Data Collection & Monitoring

Collect data in minutes, not months, with pre-built live integrations across facilities to collect, visualize, monitor and analyze systems data to streamline operations and improve profitability.
Dynamic Isolation Of Potential Threats

Intelligent Analytics & Custom Anomaly Alerts

Custom alerting leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect any anomalies, data spikes, or irregular system patterns, assess their statistical significance, and identify potential performance issues.
Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

Automate root cause analysis with machine learning and predictive analytics with our advanced correlation engine to diagnose problems, streamline capacity planning, forecast potential issues, and prevent downtime.

Watch Replay: Anatomy of a Cyber Attack

Our webinar explores the cybersecurity risks industry & manufacturing face daily.

Hosted by Unisys’ Lance Vaughn along with Sightline Systems’ Brandon Witte, this 1-hour webinar explores the following questions with an eye towards the future of cybersecurity within manufacturing:

  • Where do attacks originate and infiltrate systems?
  • What are the stages and lifecycle of a modern attack?
  • Why are manufacturers now at an all-time high risk of a breach?
  • How can data intelligence and cybersecurity work together to identify & shut down potential risks?

The Blueprint of SIAS® Cloud Security Solutions

SIAS® combines the advantages of the big data analysis tools in Sightline EDM® with Unisys Stealth Zero technology to give you ICS cybersecurity you can count on across cloud, virtual, and physical environments.
Cloaking Of All Endpoints & Sensitive Data

IoT Security Solutions Simplified

By leveraging data you already collect and analyze for operational performance through Sightline EDM® and combining it with Unisys‘ Stealth technology, SIAS® seamlessly improves your IoT device security and open source code security across all facilities. Multiple security layers that are fully integrated into Sightline EDM® mean you can rest easy knowing SIAS® will alert you to threats while automatically securing all of your data and endpoints.

Dynamic Isolation Of Potential Threats

Zero-Trust in IoT Security

The potential for internal malicious actors or open source security issues means being too trusting can put your ICS cybersecurity at risk. Zero-Trust means SIAS® will automatically verify anything that tries to connect to your system—whether it originated from inside or outside your perimeters—by leveraging microsegmentation. Automated verification not only lets you rely on data to ensure only safe users can access data, it can provide OSS security services that help alleviate any OSS concerns.

Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

Securing Real-Time Data Collection and Monitoring

In today’s virtual world, moving data from one location can open you up to IoT security threats and compound open source vulnerabilities. As Sightline EDM® collects and monitors data in real-time, that data becomes vulnerable as it travels across the cloud or networks. SIAS® gives you peace of mind by encrypting all data components during transit and using end-point cloaking to keep data contained in your system safe.
Increase Accuracy

Anomaly Detection to Isolate Threats

SIAS® helps protect you against vulnerabilities in IoT device security with a combination of ICS monitoring, anomaly detection, and dynamic isolation. SIAS® monitors your data to ensure malicious users are detected quickly, flagged for your attention through custom alerts, and automatically locked out of the system, limiting the damage and effectively increasing open source security.
Dynamic Isolation Of Potential Threats

Protect Forecasting and Root Cause Information

SIAS® is designed to protect IoT device security and the data and insights Sightline EDM® extracts from that data. The basic tools used in root cause analysis and predictive analytics forecasting may be used across industries but the information developed with your data is unique to you and your business. SIAS® keeps that information secure by creating cryptographic zones where data contained within that zone is encrypted.
Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

Manage Identity and Access of Users

SIAS® gives you the ability to manage the access of each user on Sightline EDM®. By authenticating both the user and the device being used, each person is limited only to functions they need to perform their duties, and that limits your overall vulnerabilities. Because dynamic isolation relies on being able to lock out malicious users when a threat is detected, user access management is fundamental to your IoT security solutions.

Zero-Trust Approach Saves Organizations $2 Million Per Breach On Average

Single event breaches can cost companies upwards of $4 million. For organizations utilizing a mature zero-trust approach, that number is nearly $2 million less.

Threat actors continue to shift their sights to attack vectors including IT, IoT, OT and connected industrial and medical systems. Are your facilities truly secure?

Recent Workshop: Critical Data Security Issues & Solutions

Sightline CEO Brandon Witte & David Gibson of Unisys discuss critical data security issues & solutions including:

  • The proven advantages and data about Smart Factories and Industry 4.0
  • Why Industry 4.0 and connected IT & OT systems have such an increase in potential points of entry for cyber threats
  • Types of attacks and potential outcomes for companies
  • Anatomy of a cyber attack & stages of an attack process
  • Some recent examples and data on the “cyber war” facing Industry 4.0, manufacturers, and utilities
  • Our proven model of protection & how we’ve chosen to address each step of the attack process

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