When Service Assurance is a Top Priority

The Customer:
INTEGRIS Health is Oklahoma’s largest state-owned health system, with hospitals, rehabilitation centers, physician clinics, mental health facilities, independent living centers, and home health agencies throughout the state. With a wide, interconnected network and much sharing of information between facilities, it is crucial that their IT network service levels ensure constant network availability in order to provide superior client response time. Sightline is being used to monitor the operating systems and hardware of INTEGRIS Health’s network. Ted Kidd, Systems Engineer for INTEGRIS Health, explained that the organization needed a tool to track overall system performance and utilization. In particular, they needed a monitoring solution for their OpenVMS platform. After looking at different vendors, including PAWZ, the company decided that Sightline would best serve their complex needs based on Sightline’s drill-down capabilities and ability to monitor server performance 24×7.

The Challenge:
Kidd explained that Sightline has provided INTEGRIS Health with accurate historical information, as well as timely day-to-day information. It has eliminated guesswork about requirements for hardware and has allowed INTEGRIS Health to spot and analyze problems quickly and efficiently. In addition to covering their OpenVMS platform, Sightline has enabled INTEGRIS Health to monitor their Tru64 and AIX environments, fostering interrelationships between these critical systems. By using history trace files and offering the data on their internal web using Sightline’s AutoWeb, INTEGRIS Health has been able to better track server activity and actually see growth trends.

This is crucial to their systems engineers as well as management, who are able to access information for analysis in an easy and timely manner. As an example, Kidd cited a recent instance in which a message was received from their Tivoli monitor that the CPU of one of their servers was extremely busy. When they received the message, they pulled up the Sightline live feed plot for that server (which is offered up via AutoWeb). Because of this advanced monitoring feature of Sightline, Kidd was able to go to the web page for live plots and see that the CPU was pegged at 100% for the past 30 minutes. Kidd was able to work with the application/database analyst, find the cause of the problem, and resolve the issue. Sightline provided the means to see it all, enabling managers to implement performance rules and logic that automatically scanned all components of the critical transaction path in real-time to ensure complex operations remained contention free, and to assure service level standards.

Value Created for Executives and End Users:
With Sightline, INTEGRIS Health experiences value at all levels of the organization. At the executive level, it provides real-time information about the health of the system in terms they can understand. For IT staff, the drilldown capabilities allow a complete view of the system and any potential problems. It also assures better client response time because of less down time, and integrates with all platforms, representing huge economy of scale for cross-domain applications.

Sightline’s ability to layer performance metrics helped IT staff at one company resolve a system problem that had been plaguing them for some time prior to the installation. By examining the impact of several metrics simultaneously, they were able to quickly trace the performance problem to a source code issue. Sightline enables you to view end-to-end business flows and view service level indicators in real-time. An organization is able to maintain peak performance of its applications and the systems supporting them.

“We needed service level assurance across the many levels of our enterprise. Sightline makes a significant difference in our overall operations efficiency,” commented Ted Kidd, Systems Engineer, Integris Health management of the business critical IT infrastructure. Now organizations can easily identify trends and relationships in key business indicators as they are occurring, not after they have reached a critical threshold. Furthermore, Sightline can quickly and automatically determine the root causes which are contributing to any service level degradation and enable IT to address the issues before end-users experience any service interruptions.