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Sightline EDM®: Streamline Root Cause Analysis in Minutes

Automated root cause analysis eliminates the need for time-consuming, labor-intensive data collection that is often unreliable and costly. If you’re utilizing manual root cause analysis tools, your teams won’t be able to swiftly identify problems and solutions. You’re left with significant downtime and climbing operational costs with no promise of a resolution.

What is root cause analysis? Root cause analysis (RCA) is the process of determining the exact cause for an event. Sightline EDM®, along with our proprietary technology ForSight® forecasting and Clairvor® correlation, analyzes events across all facilities and systems to help you quickly identify and resolve issues and reduce costly downtime.

Intelligently Predict Future Issues & Prevent Them From Ever Happening

Prevent recurring problems from impacting operations and significantly reduce the time and money spent on resolutions with Sightline EDM®. Our software keeps a collection of historical data in addition to the real-time data it collects every second.

Past issues are documented and their resolutions are logged allowing the software to learn how your facilities and systems work and prevent recurring issues from causing downtime—even if the issue occurs in a new location. EDM® will then track similar data trends to predict future problems, alerting your teams about potential issues before they even occur.

Sightline EDM® documents all past solutions, including research notes, recommended solutions to past triggers, and historical performance issues. With full documentation of service issues, your teams will be able to take corrective action faster.
Analyze events across facilities, operations, equipment, servers, applications, and databases all within one easy-to-use software solution. EDM® can quickly pinpoint root causes, identify related symptoms, and implement corrective action to prevent operational impact across your entire ecosystem.
Manually locating problems in your facilities and systems is time-consuming and labor-intensive, taking days at best. It can lead to costly downtime and the potential for increased labor costs, longer shipping times, and a significantly impacted bottom line. Sightline EDM® streamlines this process, producing root cause analysis in minutes.
Keep your facilities on schedule and prevent bottlenecks and other operational inefficiencies. All issues that arise will be well documented and noted in customized reports delivered to your dashboard. Historical data is used to identify potential problems and alert your teams so they can get ahead of the issue. You’ll shorten your downtime and keep your facility running on schedule.
Don’t just identify problems, predict and prevent them. Clairvor®, Sightline’s root cause analysis engine, automates the investigation process by pulling aggregate data into our centralized dashboard. ForSight® delivers advanced forecasting capabilities by using advanced statistical data models and machine learning to predict future behavior.

Usable, Right Out of the Box

One Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Visualize millions of data points across all systems and facilities on a unified, easy-to-use dashboard with drill-down details.

Real-Time OT & IT Intelligence

Customizable alerts notify team members of any issues or anomalies in production or operations as they arise. Visualize and analyze in minutes, not months, and prevent problems from recurring.

Scalable Usability for All Organizations & Teams

Proven, enterprise-grade software solution allows for role-based access controls, security, and user views. With compatibility across all web browsers and mobile devices, it is easily scalable for teams of all sizes.

Integrate Data Across All Equipment & Systems

Aggregate data in minutes, not months, with open, agent, and agentless connectors. Get the most detailed view of manufacturing data analytics from across PLCs, CNC machines, process equipment, ERP/MES systems, and other sources of critical data.

Intelligent Forecasting for Better Operational Efficiency

Sightline EDM® lowers overall operational costs for excellent ROI with:

  • Advanced data analytics, real-time anomaly detection, and root cause analysis in seconds
  • Centralized data intelligence dashboard
  • Innovative end-to-end data security with SIAS
  • Predictive forecasting to stop problems before they arise
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Discover How Sightline EDM® Root Cause Analysis Can Save You Time & Money

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