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98% Renewal Rate from Customers in More than 15 Countries Worldwide

“We needed service level assurance across the many levels of our enterprise. Sightline makes a significant difference in our overall operations efficiency.”

Ted Kidd, Systems Engineer, Integris Health

“Sightline tools diagnosed and addressed five critical issues that developed for DPW during the first two days of the ACA implementation. I don’t know how a project of this magnitude can be implemented without using Sightline.”

Systems Administrator, Pennsylvania DPW

“There is no question that financial services companies must rely more and more on highly efficient IT systems to provide quality service to customers at minimum cost.”

Brian Duffin, Scottish Life

“Sightline was able to identify an issue with our painting production line and a reason for higher blemishes on a certain day. Identification of this simple issue has saved our company more than $2 million per year so far.”

Automobile Manufacturer

“Sightline works very well and identified some shortcomings in my integrator’s initial setup. We were able to quickly resolve all issues thanks to Sightline.”

Chemical Manufacturing Company

“With everything running on one platform, superior service is crucial. Sightline has been Scottish Life’s primary means of maintaining high-quality service levels since 1992. Our business operation principles are: reliability, accuracy, speed, and clarity. Sightline is critical to our overall IT strategy. Sightline enables us to maintain a level of service that is satisfactory to our customers.”

Neil Heydon-Dumbleton, Scottish Life

“Sightline collects and analyzes sophisticated data in real time – with no noticeable impact on the performance of our production system. Its intuitive Web-based interface makes it easy to pinpoint performance bottlenecks, optimize use of system resources and project future capacity needs.”

IT Manager

“Within hours, we were able to view simultaneous performance data from our servers, applications and networks. We immediately started drilling down into the data, and quickly resolved a problem that had concerned us for weeks.”

Director of Operations

“Failure of software or the servers they run on is unacceptable when controlling chemical manufacturing processes. I was thrilled to find Sightline’s comprehensive monitoring solution so easy to use. With Sightline, we’re able to proactively address both hardware and software failures before they ever become a problem for the plant.”

Estron Chemical