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Reducing Outages and Downtime for Pennsylvania DPW’s ACA Rollout

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the United States on October 1, 2013 was a significant nationwide event, due to the magnitude of the landmark legislation and its impact on the U.S. population. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) — now known as the Department of Human Services (DHS) — was the designated agency responsible for managing the rollout of its health insurance exchange to fulfill the mandate for citizens to have access to health insurance.

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The ACA implementation in Pennsylvania required DPW to integrate its statewide IT infrastructure with new IT applications and services from the federal government and synchronize its rollout with a series of mission-critical events happening simultaneously across all 50 states nationwide. DPW needed to ensure a smooth transition to the new healthcare exchange so its citizens could easily register, access and review newly-available ACA health insurance options to determine their appropriate level of coverage.


DPW selected Sightline’s IT performance analytics solution to identify potential performance issues, reduce system outages and prevent application downtime before, during and after the ACA implementation. Sightline was used to monitor system resource utilization, measure application response time and compare the overall performance of DPW’s legacy IT applications running on its Unisys mainframes, with new IT applications deployed on its Windows servers to maintain the health, stability and availability of DPW’s IT infrastructure to support the ACA rollout for agency stakeholders.

In advance of the ACA rollout, Sightline also built a new software agent for DPW to monitor the health and performance of the Microsoft BizTalk® environment, which provided essential business automation capabilities for the ACA implementation. Sightline also provided hands-on technical support and problem management for DPW’s production IT environment to further meet the performance expectations and application response time requirements of DPW’s user community for the new healthcare exchanges.


Sightline was on-site with DPW managers and technical resources during the initial period of the ACA rollout to help DPW diagnose and address five critical issues that developed during the first two days of the ACA implementation. As a result of Sightline software and services, DPW was able to identify performance issues in real time, conduct root cause analysis to troubleshoot problems, take corrective action to restore service and significantly minimize the duration of outages by reducing mean time to resolution and eliminating unwanted reoccurences. Given the success of Sightline’s solution, DPW expanded its use of Sightline’s performance analytics platform to monitor more than 500 additional Windows and Linux servers in their IT environment.

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Sightline provided IT performance analytics for Pennsylvania DPW to monitor over 500 Unix, Windows and Linux servers in its IT environment to support the ACA rollout.

Configure Alerts

Pennsylvania DPW used Sightline to identify performance issues, reduce system outages and prevent application downtime before, during and after the ACA implementation.

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