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Monitoring IT Performance for more than 20,000 Servers at a Global Travel Services Company

A large international travel services company provides mission-critical solutions for airlines and airports, hotels and railways, search engines, travel agencies, tour operators and other travel players in over 150 markets worldwide. In the last 30 years, the organization has grown significantly and now operates with more than 15,000 employees from over 100 nationalities and processes more than 600 million bookings for more than one billion passengers each year.

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In order to continuously maintain business operations for its transportation customers worldwide, the organization needed to provide 99.99% system availability 24x7x365 and avoid the risk of application downtime. To meet these strict SLA requirements, the organization needed to proactively monitor application and system performance, conduct efficient root cause analysis as soon as problems were detected and identify future capacity issues before system resources became unavailable.


The organization selected Sightline’s IT performance analytics solution to collect system-level resource utilization metrics across its growing footprint of Unix, Linux and Windows servers that powered its mission-critical operations. Sightline was used to monitor application workloads, conduct root cause analysis and create capacity planning forecasts based on CPU, Memory, Storage and Network resource utilization projections across its IT infrastructure to continue meeting growing customer demand for IT services.


The organization uses Sightline to conduct root cause analysis on a daily basis to identify, research and troubleshoot system, server and application performance fluctuations over time. Sightline performance metrics are also used by the DevOps team to test new applications side by side with old versions to track application performance, monitor resource consumption, reduce CPU load and discover potential memory leaks as new systems are developed.

Sightline also supports the capacity planning process to provide accurate 3-6 month forecasts based on historical baselines and peak resource consumption patterns to identify obsolete hardware for replacement, build resiliency into the existing IT infrastructure and justify future IT budget investments based on current business projections.

Over the last 19 years, the organization has expanded its use of Sightline performance analytics to monitor more than 20,000 Unix, Linux and Windows servers. By using Sightline’s API to integrate the monitoring solution with their CMDB, the organization was able to reduce their IT monitoring system administration staff by 90 percent.

Collect Performance Metrics

An international travel services company leverages Sightline IT performance analytics to collect performance metrics on more than 20,000 Unix, Linux and Windows servers.

Forecast Capacity Planning

An international travel services company uses Sightline for IT performance analytics, root cause analysis and capacity planning for more than 20,000 servers in its IT environment.

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