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Real-Time Resource Utilization Enables Accurate Billing Chargeback Solution

A large federal government agency composed of more than 8,000 employees provides, operates and assures a globally accessible enterprise information infrastructure in direct support of government employees, national leaders and other partners across the full spectrum of government operations. The agency has been a Sightline customer since 1995, when the organization began looking into IT performance monitoring solutions for Unisys mainframes, and has expanded its use of Sightline software to other agency departments to monitor an additional 13,000 Unix, Windows and Linux server systems.

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The agency needed to monitor dozens of systems spread across four datacenters in remote locations across the country in order to ensure consistent operations and establish a billing chargeback capability. To accomplish this, the agency needed to track real-time resource utilization across 29 partitions on 17 physical mainframes from one primary location and bill each internal department accurately for its resource utilization.


After reviewing other performance management solutions, the agency chose to deploy Sightline’s IT performance monitoring and analytics product suite. The implementation included production systems for two government branches, as well as testing and development, training, disaster recovery and classified production systems for more than seven additional organizations managed by the large federal government agency.


The agency deployed Sightline Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) and Power Agents to continuously collect system data from various data sources and log files in real time to provide accurate billing chargebacks to internal customers based on actual resource utilization. The Sightline solution also provides IT performance monitoring, anomaly detection and event correlation to streamline the root cause analysis process to dramatically reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) when performance issues are detected. Sightline is also used for capacity planning and reporting purposes, as demand for IT resources continues to expand in support of its mission nationwide.

While the agency initially purchased Sightline’s performance monitoring solution to monitor its mainframes, the organization expanded its use of Sightline to monitor more than 13,000 Unix, Windows and Linux server systems across several other departments because of the solution’s overall flexibility, scalability and breadth of coverage for tracking IT resource utilizatio in real time.

Track Resource Utilization

Sightline allowed a large federal government agency to accurately track real-time IT resource utilization to enable accurate billing chargebacks to each internal department.

Monitor IT Performance

Sightline monitors more than 13,000 Unix, Windows and Linux server systems to streamline IT operations for a large federal government agency in the United States.

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