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An increasing number of companies are becoming aware of the importance of securing their data. Whether operational data or financial data the risk of having it stolen by hackers or exploited by their competitors is too great to ignore. Most modern businesses need to work with tools, apps, or software that are based ”in the cloud.” How can you make sure that your critical data or intellectual property is safe?

When it comes to managing and increasing the yields of your aquaculture farm AQUA Sightline is the industry leader with data intelligence tools and cybersecurity risk management built in from the start. The AQUA Sightline app is simple to use, and specially designed for the needs of aquaculture farms while being powerful and secure.

AQUA Phone with Fish

What does AQUA Sightline do to protect my critical data?

AQUA Sightline was created by Sightline Systems Corporation, an international leader in data security for sectors such as banking, manufacturing, industrial, and utilities. AQUA Sightline has been built with multiple layers of fully integrated security throughout the software.

  • Secure real-time data collection and monitoring through encryption of all data components during transit
  • Endpoint cloaking to keep data contained in your system safe Dynamic isolation of potential threats
  • Information security through cryptographic zones where data contained within that zone is encrypted
  • The ability to manage the access of each user and limit each person only to functions

Now that my data is protected what can AQUA Sightline do with it?

AQUA Sightline is a single-pane source of data truth throughout your aquaculture operations. One of the foundational data analysis tools contained in our software is data monitoring and customized alerting of potential irregularities. Using historical baselines and customized alerting algorithms, AQUA Sightline flags potential issues as they happen 24/7. Our secure machine learning identifies potentially critical & costly issues like dissolved oxygen level drops, temperature fluctuations, algae bloom conditions, or net-pen escapes.

AQUA Sightline also works with different hardware sensors to generate live data collection, visualization, and automated reporting of real-time data on water parameters, evaluation of current environmental conditions, and predictive yield forecasting to ensure international compliance and monitor environmental impact. You will have proper and real-time reporting on water quality & net-pen conditions in intervals as frequent as 5 minutes all the way to 1 hour.

Plus AQUA Sightline offers cross-facility insights combined with historical context to increase your yield and returns. You and your team will have real-time, cross-facility intelligence utilizing past data for historical context and machine learning to identify possible future bottlenecks in production, identify lurking problems or inefficiencies, and highlight opportunities for yield growth.

AQUA Sightline is your secure Aquaculture solution

Fish farms around the world can improve efficiency, maintain good water quality, mitigate potential issues, and maximize fish health, growth, and reproduction through AQUA Sightline, a secure data-centric partner. Our app allows fish farms to monitor data across all facilities, maximize yields and up-time, monitor water quality parameters 24/7, get customized alerts for potential irregularities, and drive ROI.

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