Sightline EDM™

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Performance Analytics and Infrastructure Monitoring

Sightline Enterprise Data Manager™ (EDM) is a powerful systems monitoring and performance analytics solution that provides real-time visibility across today’s modern cloud, virtual, and hybrid environments. Sightline leverages big data visualization, predictive analytics, and machine learning to deliver root cause analysis, real-time anomaly detection, automated forecasting, and capacity planning to help organizations identify infrastructure problems.

Identify Performance Issues

Sightline EDM™ collects and analyzes system performance data to inform IT operations decisions, identify performance issues, and reduce mean time to resolution.

Prevent Downtime

Sightline EDM™ proactively monitors your infrastructure across systems to help your teams quickly connect the dots between first alert and final outcome.

Visualize Performance Across Your Environments

Sightline EDM™ collects hundreds of metrics from servers, applications, and network devices every second — including CPU, Memory, Disk, Network and File Systems — down to the process or thread-level. By quickly aggregating, visualizing, and analyzing this time-series data, Sightline helps your teams understand the past, present and future state of their systems infrastructure to proactively predict performance issues and prevent unplanned downtime.

Predict Performance Issues and Prevent Downtime

Many Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies trust our big data analytics and visualization platform to identify resource bottlenecks and dramatically reduce mean time to identification and resolution. Sightline’s highly interactive, visual tools are used to establish performance thresholds, maintain service delivery levels, and help customers save millions of dollars in outages and downtime by fixing underlying issues instead of just bandaging the symptoms.

Streamline Root Cause Analysis

Sightline EDM™ streamlines the root cause analysis process to help your teams minimize the cost, duration, and impact of expensive performance issues. By correlating and analyzing alerts and events across all servers, applications and databases, Sightline’s powerful correlation engine allows your teams to dramatically reduce mean time to identification (MTTI) and resolution (MTTR) of issues and avert or reduce costly downtime across your entire organization.

Detect Anomalies in Real Time

Sightline EDM™ provides real-time anomaly detection to help organizations identify emerging issues before they become service disruptions. Automatically identify anomalous patterns in your operating environment based on historical performance data and proactively alert your team to take corrective action that minimizes the cost, duration, and impact of system problems that could negatively impact customers and services.

Automate Capacity Planning and Forecasting

Sightline EDM™ automates the capacity planning process to help your teams meet current application workloads, withstand sudden spikes in demand, or support future growth. Sightline analyzes historic resource utilization to baseline existing system performance, identify resource bottlenecks, and forecast capacity constraints. Sightline allows organizations to accurately predict when systems will run out of capacity days, weeks, or even months in advance.

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