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Sightline Systems Provides Critical Functionality to Companies Embracing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Sightline Assure is well-positioned to aid companies to capitalize on IIoT by providing unprecedented ability to predict performance issues and prevent unplanned downtime.

FAIRFAX, VA – April 6, 2016 – Sightline Systems, a real-time operations intelligence solution company focused on enhancing end-to-end visibility across the entire IT infrastructure, reinforced its unparalleled dedication to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by agreeing to integrate one of its leading products, Sightline Assure, into Stratus Technologies’ ftServer®. This integration provides the foundation for the Stratus tool to deliver end-to-end visibility across the entire IT infrastructure. It also enables continuous monitoring in order to predict performance issues and prevent unplanned downtime and data loss.

The Industrial Internet of Things has been touted as a way to improve operational efficiency. In today’s competitive industrial environment, successful companies will leverage IIoT as a means to capitalize on unanticipated growth opportunities. These companies will employ IIoT power and will leverage the data to effectively improve production and create new business models.

Sightline Assure is poised to aid companies realize new growth opportunities garnered from IIoT by providing an unprecedented ability to view systems across the entire stack, from the hardware to the OS, applications, networking devices, storage arrays and peripherals enabling users to proactively diagnose, address and remedy issues quickly. Assure is the perfect solution to ensure mission-critical applications are continuously up and running, with no downtime or data loss and will also provide opportunities for product improvement and data management from the IIoT space.

“The Industrial Internet of Things will force companies to reinvent themselves and will be the starting point for an entirely new period of economic growth and competitiveness,” Brandon Witte of Sightline Systems commented. “At Sightline Systems, we see a very bright future where successful companies leverage data to substantially advance productivity, increase efficiency and expand overall operations. What this means is that end-to-end visibility within an IT infrastructure is no longer a ‘nice to have.’ It is essential in order to effectively and proactively solve problems and provide the level of service demanded within the company and from its customers.”

Sightline Assure is used by world-renowned global companies to provide full visibility into the entire IT environment without the complexity of traditional IT-industry software. Perfect for analysis and visualization of the data, Assure boils down more than 700 different metrics into easy-to-understand and actionable notifications. Its user-friendly dashboard highlights all active alerts and provides a comprehensive history for all mission-critical servers, operating systems and monitored applications. Sightline Assure helps users gain more real-time knowledge about the issues, when they began, how long they’ve lasted and if they could be restarted.

Contact Sightline Systems today at (703) 563-3000 to learn more about Sightline Assure or visit sightline.com/assure.

About Sightline Systems
Sightline Systems offers a real-time operations intelligence solution focused on analytics, root-cause analysis, performance management, correlation of data and predictive analysis from any source — critical IT systems including mainframes, applications, storage, databases — down to the process level. Sightline’s powerful analytics go beyond point-in-time data to include over time and real-time trend analysis, with abnormal behaviors or events dynamically communicated for appropriate actions. For over the last 10 years Sightline has reported a 95% renewal rate from customers that include Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies in finance, telecommunications, travel, retail as well as federal, state and local governments.


Stephanie Robert, Marketing Director