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Sightline Selected as Top 50 in IT Operations Analytics

Sightline Systems has been selected as a member of the ITOA50, which recognizes the 50 leading vendors in IT Operations Analytics (ITOA). Announced by the ITOA Landscape, the ITOA50 identifies the top 50 vendors who have demonstrated their leadership in developing ITOA solutions. These vendors are selected based on their ITOA product offering, impact, innovation, and industry recognition.


For over 15 years IT Operations teams have struggled with chronic IT operations challenges, from outages to performance and availability problems to incidents and headline grabbing failures. Traditional tools haven’t been able to keep up with the complexity and dynamics of today’s Big Data era. Dynamic IT environments continue to grow in complexity and create challenges for enterprises that have them screaming for smarter solutions. Better equipped to manage these big data challenges, ITOA solutions are emerging to redefine how IT operations maintain performance and availability, as well as security and compliance.


The ITOA Landscape was developed as a venue intended to be a leading source of information that focuses on IT Operations Analytics (ITOA). This site provides guidance in defining this new and growing industry as well as identifying the various players and inviting them to contribute content. The ITOA50 highlights leading companies in this space.