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Sightline Named Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Provider by Manufacturing Tech Insights

FAIRFAX, VA — September 25, 2017 – Sightline Systems makes the Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Providers of 2017 list produced by Manufacturing Tech Insights.

“We are proud to announce Sightline Systems as one of the Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Providers of 2017,” said Laura Davis, Editor-in-Chief of Manufacturing Tech Insights. “Sightline Systems provides sophisticated, yet remarkably easy-to-use business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions that leverage time series data, predictive analysis, visualization, advanced alerting capability and more in real time to provide their customers with a higher level of insight.”

As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) becomes the norm in today’s industrial space, many manufacturers struggle to identify meaningful ways to convert data into actionable intelligence due to the sheer quantity of data being produced. Every sensor, SCADA system, PLC, network, server, device and application constantly generates volumes of valuable data. Sightline Systems’ Enterprise Data Management (EDM) enables manufacturers to unlock insight gleaned from IIoT data to make better business decisions.

Sightline Systems helps manufacturers analyze Industrial Internet of Things “IIoT” data from production runs, which helps improve product quality and reduce costs. The advanced Sightline Systems analytics tool analyzes the massive volumes of data created during the manufacturing process and correlates the data in seconds. This allows engineers to quickly make process improvements which can improve quality and reduce costs.

“We are thrilled to be named as one of the Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Providers for the second year in a row. Manufacturers are capitalizing on IIoT by gathering more data from sensors and systems and utilizing it to make proactive business decisions,” comments Brandon Witte, president and CEO of Sightline Systems. “EDM is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by helping our customers actually use this data to increase uptime, automate shop-floor processes, and establish a strong ROI,” Witte continues.  “We do this by making it very easy to visualize and analyze this data.  Prior to Sightline, this type of analysis would require a data scientist with extensive statistics and analytics experience.  Our software turns our users into data scientists so that they can make better business decisions faster.”

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About Sightline Systems

Sightline Systems offers a real-time operations intelligence solution focused on analytics. Sightline’s powerful analytics go beyond point-in-time data to include over time and real-time trend analysis, with abnormal behaviors or events dynamically communicated for appropriate actions. For the last 12 years, Sightline has reported a 95% renewal rate from customers that include Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies in manufacturing, finance, telecommunications, travel, retail as well as federal, state and local governments. For more info, visit: https://www.sightline.com/

About Manufacturing Tech Insights

Published from Fremont, California, Manufacturing Tech Insights is a print magazine that explores and understands the plethora of ways adopted by firms to execute the smooth functioning of their businesses. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, IT VPs including Manufacturing Tech Insights editorial board finalized the “Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Providers 2016” in the U.S. and shortlisted the best vendors and consultants. For more info: https://www.manufacturingtechinsights.com/