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Sightline EDM 5.8 Adds Reporting, Collaboration and Application Upgrades to Performance Analytics Platform

FAIRFAX, VA – February 28, 2019 –Today, Sightline Systems announces the release of Enterprise Data Manager™, EDM 5.8, which adds a variety of reporting, collaboration and application upgrades to its award-winning performance analytics platform.

EDM 5.8 provides greater flexibility in visualizing, editing, displaying and reporting complex performance data using new Table charts, along with the ability to quickly edit chart characteristics, such as title, legend and scale. Other updates include the ability for users to show/hide all metrics and open multiple pop-out windows at the same time.

With EDM 5.8, Sightline customers can share custom report URLs to better collaborate with other IT and manufacturing stakeholders without requiring users to login to EDM to identify trends, diagnose problems and take decisive actions based on EDM’s real-time data aggregation, visualization and analytics.

Sightline EDM 5.8 includes several application upgrades along with new Open and Max file descriptor metrics for Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Connections running on Linux platforms. EDM’s one-click installers will automatically upgrade EDM’s underlying Java application server framework to Wildfly 13 on existing implementations, upgrade to Java 8 update 181 and upgrade the PostgresSQL admin database to version 10.4.

Other EDM 5.8 updates include the option to install the SightlineDB data repository on Windows systems, in addition to its existing support for Linux, as well as the ability to configure EDM to write millisecond data to an RDBMS via Java Message Service (JMS). EDM 5.8 now processes SNMP v2 and v3 TRAPs and INFORMs when sending and receiving EDM system alerts.

Combined, EDM 5.8’s new features allow Sightline customers to better optimize the performance of their IT or manufacturing infrastructure by conducting root cause analysis, detecting behavioral anomalies or forecasting future capacity requirements to continuously ensure quality, reduce costs and improve profitability.

To learn more about Sightline EDM 5.8 for IT Infrastructure Monitoring, Performance Analytics or Manufacturing Analytics, please contact Sightline Systems today or visit https://www.sightline.com/products/edm/.

About Sightline Systems
Sightline Systems offers real-time operations intelligence solutions that leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to provide root-cause analysis, anomaly detection and capacity planning from any data source — critical IT systems including mainframes, applications, storage and databases — as well as manufacturing systems including programmable logic controllers (PLC) and machine sensors. For more than 12 years, Sightline reports a 98% renewal rate from customers in 15 countries that include many Fortune 50 and Global 100 companies in automotive, packaging, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, utility, airlines, finance and telecommunications, as well as federal, state and local governments.


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