EDM 5.10 adds SNMP Trap Alert Capability

FAIRFAX, VA – July 10, 2019 – Sightline Systems is pleased to announce the release of Enterprise Data Manager™ 5.10. EDM 5.10 introduces SNMP Trap alerting; that is, alerts can now be based on SNMP traps.

With the SNMP trap alert integration, EDM users can leverage their existing alerting infrastructure to be notified of potentially damaging conditions on equipment and start resolving those issues before they affect end users. Active alerts, both caution and critical, will be displayed in the triggered alerts list within EDM.

In support of the new SNMP trap alert integration, EDM includes the ability for users to upload MIB files. MIB files describe the parameters and readings that are available for monitoring via SNMP. When creating SNMP trap alerts, settings can be manually entered or based on the uploaded predefined or custom MIB; alerts can include either set values or regular expressions.

For more information and a look at more enhancements and changes, see the EDM Release Notes here.

Sightline EDM is being successfully used across many industries including manufacturing; energy; travel; financial services and telecom. These and other industry customers have been using Sightline to collect, retain, visualize, monitor and analyze data in real time to streamline operations and improve profitability. EDM is available on a free trial basis; contact Sightline Systems for details.

To learn more about Sightline EDM for IT Infrastructure Monitoring, Performance Analytics or Manufacturing Analytics, visit https://www.sightline.com/products/edm.

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