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Sightline EDM 4.2 Delivers Dynamic Alerts, Rapid Visualization and Quick Chart Feature

Sightline Systems, a real-time operations intelligence solution company focused on analytics, root-cause analysis, performance management, correlation of data and predictive analysis from any source, has released a new version of its popular EDM system monitoring and analytics software suite.

Updated to meet the growing demands of enterprises looking to use the power of data to increase productivity within their organizations, EDM 4.2 expands its list of purpose-built features with automated and dynamic threshold settings for any monitored device, unlimited coverage to capture data from SNMP and customer-requested chart feature that gives IT administrators a quick way to prioritize infrastructure concerns.

“At our heart, we’re data geeks. With EDM 4.2, we’re continuing to answer the evolving needs of our customers as they seek new ways to unleash the power of their infrastructure data. Our Power Agents are designed to capture the most amount of data,” said Sightline Systems CEO and President, Brandon Witte. “While having access to more data traditionally slows down visualization tools, EDM 4.2’s new charting abilities are now able to process massive amounts of data in milliseconds instead of minutes.”

Data analysis remains EDM’s strongest capability and EDM 4.2’s new visualization and charting engine in not only captures more data, it rapidly decreases the amount of time it takes to render charts based on that data. The new visualization engine exceeds the expectations of the most demanding users by rendering up to 100,000 data points in 100 milliseconds. The upgrade allows teams to drill deeper into their infrastructure’s data to spot issues, monitor trends and develop smarter development plans.

Setting monitoring and performance thresholds per system is no longer an effective way to monitor every component within a company’s infrastructure. Instead, EDM 4.2 with ForSight replaces the manual threshold setting activity with a new automated system that uses enterprise-grade Machine Learning analytics to model and implement dynamic thresholds based on the component’s normal day to day operational parameters. If those parameters are exceeded, EDM’s Dynamic Alerts system reports the issue to the correct team or individual.

EDM 4.2 enables teams to utilize data down to the minutia level on any component. Yet, a large enterprise customer wanted EDM to look at its top 10 and lowest 10 performing components. The new Top N Chart feature gives IT analysts a faster, simpler way to ask EDM for its top performing servers or its least 100 performing CPUs with its environment. With access to the over 7,500 metrics that EDM already collects, Top N Chart gives teams a valuable tool to help prioritize the hardware replacement processes, examine chargebacks per use and identify areas of improvement.

The power of EDM 4.2 answers today’s modern, growing and complex enterprise environment questions with a suite of tools that gives IT teams data-enabled insight into system performance, rightsizing systems, automated root cause analysis and automated capacity planning. To discover how EDM and Sightline Systems can help your business use its own data to enable its success, head to sightline.com.