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Sightline for CDM Meets Strict DHS Federal Guidelines for CDM Solutions

Sightline Systems, a leading solution for server and network performance monitoring and reporting, meets the four essential functional requirements, as dictated by the Department of Homeland Security, for CDM solutions. In addition, Sightline complements several other tool areas currently viewed as important, but not crucial.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) implemented the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Program (CDM) to provide government departments and agencies with tools that pinpoint cybersecurity risks in real time, prioritize the risks based upon their potential effects, and allow security staff to address security weaknesses based on their priority level. The program dictates solution guidelines and offers tools for government agencies to manage their network security.

To this end, the DHS established four functional tool areas that are required for network security solutions used for government agencies. The four critical tool areas are:

  • Hardware Asset Management – The ability to scan an entire network and detect 100% of unmanaged hardware, alert administrators of unsecure or unapproved network access, and integrate the monitoring solution with standard IT ticketing tools.
  • Software Asset Management – The ability to detect all software in an agency’s environment, scan and verify new software versions and meet security needs, alert security personnel to new software installs and potential security issues, and block disallowed or dangerous software.
  • Configuration Management – The ability to track configuration changes, employ best practices through easy template use, automate SCAP scanning and, and monitor every environment with one tool.
  • Vulnerability Management – The ability to identify and alert thousands of security vulnerabilities, customize for special purposes or software, provide CVE support, and alert and report on threats both known and unknown.

Sightline for CDM meets all four requirements, and provides government agencies the ability to meet these requirements when monitoring their network security and environments for threats and vulnerabilities. The ongoing CDM initiative is crucial to the security of current and future federal and other government agencies. The CDM Program also outlines non-mandatory functional areas that are viewed as beneficial to network security, including account access management, credentials and authentication management, and operations security management. Sightline complements many of the additional 11 areas that the DHS views beneficial to government network security.

“As the cloud continues to make IT environments more complicated, detecting and resolving security and performance issues becomes increasingly more important,” said Brandon Witte, President and CEO of Sightline Systems. “Sightline ACE provides a simple yet powerful solution to ensure compliance, security and performance by transforming issues into actionable information in real-time.”

Sightline Systems will continue to develop and enhance its CDM solutions to meet and exceed the requirements of The DHS. To learn more about Sightline’s reporting and monitoring solutions, visit https://www.sightline.com/.