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IIoT Analytics Case Study

Major Global Appliance Manufacturer Chooses Sightline Systems for IIoT Monitoring and Analysis

Sightline Systems announces that its IIoT software, Enterprise Data Management™ (EDM), has been selected by a major global appliance manufacturer to provide real-time visibility into their manufacturing processes. This new software will be included in manufacturing operations around the world and will provide never before seen real time visibility. Sightline’s IIoT EDM™ software is planned for the multi-country roll out in Q3 of 2016 and will help the company attain a significant competitive advantage.

The Sightline IIoT EDM™ solution has already exceeded the expectations of other global manufacturers, providing high speed data collection and analysis of manufacturing processes. Sightline EDM™ for manufacturing simultaneously monitors multiple PLCs, manufacturing sensors, IIoT devices, storage devices, network devices, peripherals such as cameras and door locks and more all in real time. Millisecond analytics are critical for precision manufacturing and EDM™ is specifically designed to provide the real-time data manufacturers need to make smarter, more cost effective decisions on the fly.

“This company, which has asked to remain confidential, has found a real competitive advantage from using Sightline Systems’ software to monitor their manufacturing processes in real time,” says Brandon Witte, President and CEO of Sightline Systems. “The advanced EDM tool can analyze massive volumes of data created during the manufacturing process, correlate the data and provides highly sophisticated analytics in real time. The highly advanced processing ability allows engineers to quickly identify issues and make process improvements which can increase quality and reduce costs,” continued Witte.

The Sightline IIoT EDM™ software is helping manufacturers gain a competitive advantage as the costs to produce goods continues to increase.  The Sightline solution is capable of capturing and analyzing millisecond level data which was previously cost prohibitive or technically not possible in manufacturing environments.  Sightline’s state of the art yet simple to deploy software leverages commodity class hardware yet can capture and visualize sub second data in real time.  Successful companies are leveraging the advanced data and analytics from EDM™ to ensure system-wide performance. Sightline EDM™ is used by world-renowned global companies to provide full visibility into IT and OT environments.  Its user-friendly dashboards highlight all active alerts and provides a comprehensive history for all mission-critical servers, operating systems, sensor data, monitored applications and more.

Sightline Systems is well known for providing top-level business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions that leverage time series data, predictive analysis, visualization, advanced alerting capability and more in real time to provide its customers with a higher level of insight than any other software company. Customers that implement Sightline’s solutions have noted enhanced efficiency, improved accuracy and increased profitability.

To learn more about Sightline Systems IIoT solution for manufacturing, contact Sightline Systems today at (703) 563-3000. EDM™ solutions are also available for a wide variety of industries.

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Sightline Systems offers a real-time operations intelligence solution focused on analytics. Sightline’s powerful analytics go beyond point-in-time data to include over time and real-time trend analysis, with abnormal behaviors or events dynamically communicated for appropriate actions. For over the last 12 years Sightline has reported a 95% renewal rate from customers that include Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies in manufacturing, finance, telecommunications, travel, retail as well as federal, state and local governments.