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IT Automation Operations to the Next Level

Sightline Systems Corp. is pleased to announce the release of Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) version 4.0. The latest release of Sightline Systems’ flagship Platform Enterprise Data Manager introduces new levels of automation, making management of internal, private cloud and public cloud servers and systems even easier. EDM 4.0 provides IT specialists with automated capacity planning, utilization and new security capabilities for both internal and cloud resources. With simple to use tools, the Sightline solution can be up in minutes, providing management with easy to understand reports.

The 4.0 release brings automated forecasting to the platform, allowing management to see advanced forecasting reports automatically, without complex modeling or configuration steps. Sightline leverages advanced predictive algorithms to provide easy to understand reports showing capacity related problems that may impact systems. This same prediction engine can highlight waste in cloud configuration, leading to significant cost savings due to resource over-allocation. “In today’s diverse environments it is becoming increasingly difficult for management and IT staff to effectively look after their environments. These new capabilities provide powerful reporting to ensure infrastructure is deployed in the most cost effective configuration,” says Brandon Witte, CEO for Sightline Systems.

EDM 4.0 also introduces Sightline ACE for automated compliance and security reporting. ACE allows management to scan systems immediately for over 6500 predefined security checks. This allows management confidence that internal, private cloud and public cloud assets are properly configured. Sightline ACE is delivered with popular security scans and server hardening best practices from NIST, DISA and others. Says Jim Bercik, Sightline Systems CTO, “These out of the box scans provide immediate value and can quickly show management that servers are consistently configured and deployed. Continuous scanning ensures that servers remain properly configured, which is key in the market today.” Being able to receive data quickly on potential threats from irregular activity throughout the infrastructure adds an extra layer of protection that was previously unavailable.