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Advanced Performance Analytics Success Story

Telecommunications Company Reduces Electrical Power by 30% using EDM

Best known in the U.S. for its video games, TOKAI Communications is a telecommunications company in Japan providing DSL services and network solutions. “Smart Facility Manager”, their flagship solution, provides a cloud-based method for power saving and work efficiency in server room management. Collecting environmental data with IoT technology and visualizing it with Sightline EDM™, TOKAI successfully deployed intelligent air conditioning control with a 30% reduction in electric power.


TOKAI Communications provides corporate customers with their own optical fiber network, data center facilities, system integration, and cloud-based services. As with any data center in today’s market, the company’s core business – saving of electric power for ever growing equipment facilities and streamlining complicated operational workload – has been the major challenge in attaining healthy business growth and profitability.

TOKAI wanted to be able to collect data around their entire data center in an effort to make better, more data-driven decisions when it came to deploying computer resources rather than deploying workloads on systems with availability. This would help them evaluate temperature in order to deploy to coolest areas which would improve HVAC efficiency in their computing center.


With temperature sensors installed throughout their air conditioner outlets, TOKAI’s facility management system captures detailed temperature distribution in the internal space of a data center. OPC US (Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture) servers collect not only the temperature data around air conditioners and server racks, but also thousands of data related to opening and shutting of the doors and all the facility equipment.

The system then sends that data to a cloud computing facility where Sightline EDM calculates and graphically visualizes relationships between each data set. The data is then analyzed by the automatic air conditioning AI engine and the result is fed back to the air conditioning controllers for the most appropriate temperature setting. The AI program is based on a machine learning method was internally developed by TOKAI using Python.


TOKAI Communications successfully optimized data center temperature controls and significantly reduced cost of electric power by a demonstrated 30%. This savings wouldn’t have been possible without Sightline. The homegrown temperature control AI programs composing the core system continues to be customized to meet customers’ needs.

This AI-based temperature control function has both streamlined data center operations and improved facility engineers’ productivity at TOKAI. The visualization capability of Sightline EDM™ made it possible to easily identify heating and over-cooling spots helping facility engineers take data-driven actions. It also enabled them to share the skills and know-how for temperature control among all stakeholders. TOKAI Communication’s “Smart Facility Manager”, cloud-based facility management solution is now deployed by other data center providers and cable-TV operators.