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Monitor all your data across facilities, maximize production, and realize ROI for packaging & bottling operations with cutting-edge Industry 4.0 technology

Aquaculture Screen EDM

 Turn Your Investment in Global Compliance & Water Monitoring Into Increased Efficiency & Profit

Sightline Systems offers a  comprehensive, top-of-the-line, AI-powered data monitoring and analytics solution. Top manufacturers & industrial companies in more than 15 countries depend on Sightline Systems’ advanced Industry 4.0 software.

Cloaking Of All Endpoints & Sensitive Data

Ensure International Compliance & Monitor Environmental Impact

Works with different hardware sensors and software to generate live data collection, visualization, and automated reporting of real-time data on water parameters, evaluation of current environmental conditions, and predictive yield forecasting

Dynamic Isolation Of Potential Threats

Continuous System Monitoring & Custom Alerting for Potential Irregularities

24/7 monitoring & customized anomaly alerting using machine learning to identify potentially critical & costly issues like dissolved oxygen level drops, temperature fluctuations, algae bloom conditions, or net-pen escapes

Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

Cross-Facility Insights Combined With Historical Context to Increase Yield & Uptime

Real-time, cross-facility intelligence utilizing past data for historical context, business data, and machine learning to identify possible future bottlenecks in production, identify lurking problems or inefficiencies, and highlighting opportunities for yield growth

The Future of Ocean-Based Aquaculture 

More than just monitoring water quality parameters in the net-pen, Sightline EDM is a single pane source of data truth throughout your aquaculture operations.

Fishery Vertical

Across the Globe, There Are New Compliance Requirements for Ocean-Based Aquaculture

Make sure your business avoids fines or stalled operations in the evolving global governance of the international aquaculture industry, with new mandates requiring:

Cloaking Of All Endpoints & Sensitive Data

Continuous Online Monitoring of Water Parameters

  • Oxygen Level
  • Salinity
  • Temperature
  • Taken at 5m & 10m water depths
Dynamic Isolation Of Potential Threats

Strict Provisions to Prevent Escapes from Fisheries

  • Measurement of water currents, wind, waves
  • Assessment of anchor moorings & netpen security
Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

Real-Time Data Reporting to Required Government Agencies

  • Mandated transparency on water parameters & net-pen conditions
  • Water quality reporting in 5-min, max 1-hr intervals
Aquaculture Intelligence

Real-Time Aquaculture Insights: Before Things Go Wrong

We understand that in raising, farming, and processing seafood on an international market, you’re working against the clock: temperature shifts, algae blooms, and spoilage of fresh fish can’t wait for further data analysis.

Sightline EDM Creates Real-Time Data Insights

In Every Stage of the Aquaculture Lifecycle

Netpens Fishery

Broodstock Hatchery Facilities

Whole-picture visualization of the hatcheries, grow-out systems, feed requirements, and live feedback on water parameters


Ocean-Based Net-Pen Farming

24/7 monitoring & alerting to changes in water O2, temp, salinity, algae blooms, contamination, weather, or escape threats

Fish Production

Fish Processing & Packaging

Visualize the processing & packaging operations across facilities, gain actionable insights, efficiency opportunities & reduce downtime

Sightline EDM Improves
Overall Aquaculture Operations

Cloaking Of All Endpoints & Sensitive Data

Reduce Downtime & Prevent Kill-Off

  • Robust alerting of anomalies so action can be taken immediately

  • Advanced correlation features to find the root cause of issues faster

  • Dynamic dashboards to visualize operations across farms & facilities

  • Schedule maintenance before issues arise

Dynamic Isolation Of Potential Threats

Improve Fishery Conditions & Quality

  • Data intelligence & analysis to better understand factors contributing to production and quality
  • Realtime monitoring with historical context across multiple facilities
  • Analysis to identify potential changes, increasing yields and overall aquaculture conditions
Predictive Forecasting & Root Cause Analysis

Increase Efficiency & Production

  • Dynamic thresholds and machine learning to identify possible bottlenecks, labor inefficiencies & opportunities for increased production
  • Advanced forecasting & reports, “what-if” conditional forecasting, and historical context
  • Analysis & intelligence of processes and production

Anomaly Detection & Alerting to Solve Issues Faster

Aquaculture Screen EDM 1

Advanced Predictive Analytics Across Facilities

Aquaculture Screen EDM 3

Easily Build Reports, Forecasting, and Dashboards Instantly

Aquaculture Screen EDM 2

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